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#LoveMyDetour Vision Statement

A detour is many things – unexpected, a nuisance, difficult, hard to grapple with, frustrating, – but it can be beautiful. By sharing our stories, we rewrite our own narratives, rediscover our true identities, foster compassionate communities, and become travel partners on these journeys with no straight path. Through this, we gain adaptability and create a positive, empowered attitude toward obstacles, physical or mental struggles, hardships, and trauma.  Get involved here.
Our vision is a world where “detours” in life are everyday blessings.

#LoveMyDetour Mission Statement

#LoveMyDetour is a campaign inspiring people to flourish because of, rather than in spite of challenges.
#LoveMyDetour aims to encourage growth and healing by sharing our stories; to transform communities by inspiring people to open their minds and reframe their view of “detours” into a new direction for life.

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