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Strategic Team Coaching: Workshop and Seminar Package

Amy offers workshops for small group of individual clients, as well as programs for corporate groups of 20 participants or more.This process offers a highly coordinated approach to developing the leadership capabilities of a group that is tasked with a specific organizational objective or change.

Too often executive coaching is delivered in isolation, with the client’s developmental plan reflecting only his or her personal strengths/opportunities for improvement and not the team’s goals or the development plans of colleagues. This approach offers a coordinated method for linking individual development plans to real corporate goals.

Program Objectives:

  • Improve effectiveness and alignment
  • Develop and motivate senior leaders
  • Increase accountability among team members
  • Facilitate successful restructurings or other organizational change
  • Efficiently assimilate a new team leader
  • Support alliances

Amy’s unique program lineup combines fun with a higher level of problem solving, innovation, and strategic planning. With her trademark mix of creativity, insights and resourcefulness, events are designed to enhance individual and team growth through experiences that have a strong connection to teamwork, trust and communication, solidifying the cohesiveness of your group while providing key insights and applicable skill sets.

A team is nothing without the ability to be effective in reaching their goals.  It’s important to establish a set of goals that all members can agree upon and then allocate the steps that it will take for these goals to be achieved. These tie in with participation, which is a key to achieving success. If even one member of the group falls short, the problem needs to be diagnosed before the impact hurts the team as a whole. 

   Many clients say it’s the first time their team has authentically aligned 100% behind anything

  • Old ways of thinking and communicating that limit performance are identified
  • Foundation of integrity, essential to high performance, is established
  • Team creates a combined vision requiring a new level of teamwork, accountability and effectiveness
  • Key goals are designed, with measures and a “roadmap” Detour action plan 
  • Management team learns a common framework and language for leadership and effective management which:
    • Accelerates achievement
    • Forges strong individuals into a strong team 
    • Stimulates innovation, commitment, action
    • Brings out the best in everyone 


        Participants report more patience, more focus and more accomplishments as a result.

      • Learn to be adaptable
      • Greater sense of accomplishment and fulfillment
      • Hone your Time Management & Productivity Skills
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