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Amy the Teaching Artist: Celebrating Detours by transforming adversity into creative growth

As a teaching artist, Amy has worked with nursery school children, grades K-12, and college students with a curriculum based on US Arts Standards. 

See Amy’s article for Teaching Artist Guild Quarterly.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. 
 If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.

                                                                   Nelson Mandela  

See Amy’s Sample Lesson Plans at

With a bachelor’s degree in Arts Education, Theatre and Playwriting from Hampshire College, Amy incorporates multiple disciplines into her teaching techniques to guide and motivate young performers.

Amy is currently a teaching artist with Girls’ Leadership. Learn more at She is also training with the Community Word Project’s Teaching Artist Program.

 I’m a multidisciplinary teaching artist, playwright, actress, author, and TEDx speaker.  As you’ll hear on TEDx (, creating theatre played a vital role in my recovery, as a survivor of sexual abuse, 27 surgeries, coma, organ failure, six years being unable to eat or drink, and ten years of trauma, starting from my senior year of high school.  
My one-woman musical, Gutless & Grateful, is a 70-minute performance paired with a BroadwayBootcamp-style program for students along with youth workshops and theatre masterclasses to explore scene study, monologue work, and audition prep in a positive, playful environment.​ I’m even licensing the show for students around the country for students to perform themselves.
Yon can learn more about my performance masterclasses, as well as a three-component arts/theatre workshop for students, Mental Health Mindset.  
The main page for my expressive arts workshops ​has most of this information:  
My performance workshops and master classes are available for viewing here:
Inspired by my TEDx Talk on being a “Detourist,” my Detourist workshops encourage a synthesis of art forms to devise multidisciplinary theatre, and is heavily based on the archetypal hero’s journey. You can view details and a sample lesson plan/distributed materials at – Kids really love this one.

Amy is an invigorating and resourceful professional teaching artist highly trained in a wide array of theatre disciplines. With a talent for instilling confidence, courage and appreciation in performing and understanding a synthesis of art forms, Amy offers positive encouragement and individual support to ensure each student succeeds. Inspired by devised ensemble work through her studies at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, Amy enjoys collaborating with colleagues in order to build strong relationships and to create a teaching team with a common goal.

What can Amy offer your students?

  • Perform her monologues and plays
  • Take workshops
  • Private acting/devised work coaching with students
  • Artist in Residence at your school, camp, or company

“Amy led nineteen senior theatre majors though a one-hour workshop, in which she reprised a monologue from her performance in order to demonstrates what she terms “life’s beautiful detours”.    Amy then facilitated a couple of playback theatre exercises.  Her own honesty about her difficult life journey inspired students in the class to share problems they had experienced and together we found creative ways to express the position they were in.  We then used paper and ink to map out life journeys and walk with them around the room.  I felt tensions and competitiveness leave the room as the students beginning to move through each other’s journeys. Amy’s seemingly unlimited energy and enthusiasm is infectious – Talya Kingston, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre, School for Interdisciplinary Arts, Hampshire College

Teaching artists are the designated experts in the verbs of art. Their skills can support, guide, educate and illuminate people’s capacity to individually succeed in creating artistic meaning in our best artistic offerings.

For adults too!

Online formats available!

Visual Art

View work samples from Amy’s Show Me Your heART Workshops:

Literary Arts

See Lesson Plans, and View Sample Worksheets:

See references, my teaching artist resume, and selected testimonials.

Learn more about my resiliency curriculum at

Download complete Mental Health Programming guide,

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