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Professional Coaching Services (TEDx & Keynote Speaker)

From a happy-go-lucky musical theatre teen, to surviving sexual abuse, a coma, six years without food or drink, and 27 surgeries, it’s been a very long, detoured journey. But within several months, I went from publishing my first blog post to keynoting international conferences and of course…giving my first TEDx Talk.

How do you get a TEDx Talk-How do you find an -idea work spreading--How do you speak with confidence and heart-

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It wasn’t easy, but my strategies were simple.   Whether faced with a career or professional challenge, life transition, or seeking to improve relationships, we’ll work together to gain clarity, get to the heart of any matter and experience meaningful and tangible results.

  • Amy as a Life Coach see here.
  • Amy’s creative workshops for artistic and holistic expression see here.

Amy As a Speaking Coach

You’ll work to refine new public speaking skills, using your own the materials, or we can work together on crafting something that’s uniquely you. Whether you may need practicing for an interview, delivering a presentation, or using your messages to develop a more satisfying speaking style, I’m ready to help you speak your truth and share your heart with the world – whether that be through speaking, art, writing, or performance – I’ve done it all!

See my TEDx Talk:

I’ll help you to deliver a truly outstanding presentation for your business, your community…or your pets!  Using your own knowledge, experience, and passion, we’ll set goals and make a tangible plan for achieving them.  We’ll work on structure, content and tone. You learn how to control pace, how to use movement, and how to tell authentic stories that strike a nerve.

  • Creating a speech or presentation
  • Delivering a clear message
  • Developing your own personal style
  • Incorporating spontaneity into your talks

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