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Private Coaching: Navigating Life’s Detours

Learn about Amy as a speaking coach here.

Everyone encounters a detour in life.  Whether it’s healing from a break-up, a breakdown, or an unexpected twist in your path, we all need help knowing which direction to travel.  To help you overcome obstacles, manifest joy, or simply become ready for the next exciting chapter in life, the work you will do with Amy provides immediate inspiration, serious results and lasting knowledge.  Learn more about Amy here.


Amy’s focus is building a resiliency toolbox, helping you cultivate hope in uncertain times, and anchoring yourself in the identity that will never change no matter where your path may wander. Our decisions are always the right ones, because we choose them ourselves.  Amy works to help her clients trust that these decisions in our path will truly turn into beautiful detours.

With Amy, prepare to dream big, trust your choices, and fuel your success with passion.  Tailored to each individual, although our struggles are each unique, we heal through our shared experience.  Amy’s process emphasizes connection, creativity, balance and fulfillment.

With tips, tools, compassion and creative assignments, you’ll be navigating your detours and discovering beautiful treasures along the way.  Contact Amy here for more information.

 The more you travel, the more you’ll realize that your detour…is not a detour at all.

A Detourist turns an unexpected path into an amazing opportunity.

A Detourist is:

  • A storyteller
  • A Student
  • A mother
  • A writer
  • A businessman
  • A survivor
  • An artist
  • YOU

Are you ready for the most thrilling journey of your life?

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Take the Journey: Contact Amy here for:

  • Creating and healing through your own story
  • Life-reframing and navigating detours
  • Creating your own resiliency toolbox after trauma
  • Turning your passion to business
  • Using events in your life as creative growth and output

Are you a student?  Find out how get a free private coaching session here.

Contact Amy today!

“Unsolicited testimonial. Amy and I have “known” one another for several years. I first met Amy when I received the most touching letter in which she shared how my book had changed her life.

The story she wrote in that letter, brought tears to my eyes, as I read her courageous journey from deaths door to fighting her way back to life. Clearly there was a reason she went through this extreme illness and we can see that now, as Amy is on a mission to change the world and it’s clear to me she’s doing just that!

In life, if we’re open to it, there are times when the teacher becomes the student. Today was my day for that. I contacted Amy a couple of weeks ago because I was in absolute awe of her rocket to success. I specifically wanted to understand how she was getting published in so many places. Amy was kind compassionate and incredibly generous with sharing the information.

My coaching session was very valuable and I left with lots of great resources and ideas to put into action. I highly recommend Amy and wouldn’t hesitate to call her again! Good luck with all your dreams Amy. I am SO proud of you! Rock on woman! With Love and Gratitude, ~Sheri Gaynor” – Author of Creative Awakenings

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