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Amy’s monologues are published with PerformerStuff.  You can view them on her PerformerStuff Playwright Profile.

About the Scene: Amy reflects on her lost innocence after losing trust in her once esteemed mentor and voice teacher.  She compares her abuse to the story of Little Red Ridinghood, and laments the dark path she was led down by a “wolf” who deceived her.  In this monologue, Amy wonders whether she will ever feel like herself again, and what it really means to “grow up” and “lose your innocence.”  Was this a natural part of “coming of age,” or was she really just duped by a wolf?  And how can she ever know true beauty again if a “flower” deceived her?

About the Scene: Marilyn is the daughter of Hannah Schachne a Holocaust Survivor. She recounts how very little she was ever told by her own mother to her daughter, who yearns to know more about her late grandmother’s survival.  In this monologue, we see Marilyn’s vulnerability, as a grown woman who misses her mother, and in retrospect, wishes she had learned more about her grandmother’s story.

About the Scene:  Through three embraces, Margaret is reflecting on motherhood and watching her daughter grow up, make decisions, and deal with the consequences without her guidance.  The monologue is in three parts and is a great showcase for physical theatre work, movement, and mime.  The actress can silently act out the stage directions before each of the three embraces, or can choose to incorporate te stage directions into each monologue.  In the first embrace, Margaret reflects on the youthful trust her daughter has in her.  In the second embrace, Margaret tries to come to terms with Beatrice’s need for independence and making her own decisions.  In the

third embrace, Margaret reflects on the idea of acceptance as a mother, and pushes herself too let Beatrice go, so Beatrice can learn on her own how to make a comeback.

About the Scene: Amy is feisty, aspiring musical theatre actress determined to pursue a career even when her body has been struggling to play catch up since a medically induced coma at 18 years old.  She’s recently had her 27th surgery…and it didn’t go as planned.  Now, she’s grappling with medical repercussions.  But she is determined not to let that stop her from living her life fully…even if it means making some “adjustments.”  The biggest one?  She hasn’t been able to sit for six years. With humor, (and diapers,) what’s not possible? However, even with a one-woman musical that’s already about her crazy saga, how does she stay sane, when the scenes she’s re-enacting on stage about her triumph over near-death circumstances, start to become reality again?   In this monologue, Amy fights to claim her identity, which she knows no amount of surgical disasters can ever take away.  But first…she tries to explain why she’s not sitting.  Ever.

About the Scene:  Have you ever had one night that changed your life forever?  Amy shares the stomach ache that turned her world upside down.  Amy wakes up in a surgical ICU in a completely different life.  But with her fighting spirit still in tact, she is determined to still live the life she deserves.  But can she really JUST get back to her “old self?”  Who is she now? Amy wrestles with anger, grief, acceptance…and ultimately gratitude.

About the Scene: Amy tells the story of how she realized she was sexually abused.  Through the power of words, she was able to confront the reality of the betrayal done to her by her voice teacher.  In this monologue, Amy takes us through to this moment from her childhood, as a happy-go-lucky theatre kid suddenly faced with a betrayal that changed her life forever.  Amy realizes she s can heal through stories, an idea that empowers her.  Despite the nature of the content, this is a very uplifting, positive and empowering monologue for a strong female.


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