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Mental Health Resources

This page is a three-part directory.  First, I’ve listed some helpful resource guides and tips from other sites and organizations.  This is followed by a guide to various articles I have written for non-profit organizations, advocacy websites, Huffington Post and other publications with my own mental health tips, insights and tools.  And because sharing our stories is such an integral part of the healing process, Part Three lists several places you can submit your own beautiful detours.

breathe take

Do you have an invaluable wellness resource?  Send me a note and I’d love to share it with readers.

Part One: Directories of Mental Health Resources

Critical Mental Health Resources from

The Recovery Diaries: a large directory of mental health resources.

Don’t Tell Me To Chill offers insightful mental health-related articles.

Zines about mental health and self-care from Bitch Media

81 Great Mental Health Resources “When You Can’t Afford Therapy” from Greatist.

Mental Health Tips and Tools

Find tips for improving mental health and emotional health from

Learn about the top five mental health college concerns and how to address them here.

How to maintain mental health in college from The Tribune.

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance has a wonderful wellness toolbox.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder:

UC Davis beautifully explains the “Eight Dimensions of Wellness”.

Addiction Center is an online resource helping individuals struggling with chemical dependencies find the help they need.

PTSD and Mental Health

I’ve shared my own story of PTSD for Huffington Post as well as listed some amazing resources and organizations, all reaching out to help us know we’re not alone:

Art Therapy

In my article for Psych Central, Art Therapy in Addiction Recovery, I recommend these art therapy resources courtesy of Addiction Recovery Guide:

American Art Therapy Association (AATA)
Learn about the process of art therapy, who benefits and how to become an art therapist. Click on Find-A-Therapist on the home page for a directory by state and by top cities in the U.S.

Creative Guide through the 12 Steps
This blog page offers specific instructions for using creative arts projects as a supplement to working the 12 Steps. It suggests activities and projects for both groups and individuals that address the meaning of various steps in the 12-step program.

Creative Source
Adriana Marchione, MA, CHT, specializes in working with recovery from all forms of addiction. Her work offers creative healing opportunities that complement psychotherapy and 12-step programs. Her approach draws from a movement-based expressive arts therapy model and Depth Hypnosis—a method of hypnotherapy that utilizes hypnosis, meditation and shamanic techniques. Through individual and group sessions, this therapeutic approach uses a variety of methods to support emotional and physical health, creative growth and a deeper connection to life. Recovery groups and retreats are also available, offering participants the opportunity to express their stories in words, images and movement both in the studio and in natural surroundings.

National Coalition of Arts Therapies Associations
Founded in 1979, this coalition brings together the professional associations dedicated to the advancement of six creative arts therapies. Their web site provides basic information on each approach: art, dance/movement, drama, music, psychodrama and poetry. Each modality uses the creative process to support health, communication, self-expression and positive change. – THE RECOVERY VILLAGE: he Recovery Village, an organization dedicated to helping individuals struggling with substance abuse into recovery. We believe that quality content is key in providing addicts and their loved ones with additional information.

Awesome Daily: And sometimes, we all need some “awesome” to maintain hope on our journeys.  Be sure to visit

LGBT Resources

IMPACT: LGBT Health and Development Program at Northwestern: Resources and Information for LGBT Youth

Campus Pride : Resources, programs and services to support LGBT and ally students

LGBT Resources for Youth from

How to become at Ally (from Southern Illinois University)

Learn about Gutless & Grateful LGTB Advocacy Program here.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Resources

Not Alone: Sexual assault resources and information for students, schools, and advocates.

A wonderful webinar on sexual assault prevention from Love is Respect and the Clery Center

End Rape On Campus: Working to end sexual assault on campus

National Resources for Sexual Assault Survivors and their Loved Ones

Joyful Heart Foundation: “helping sexual assault survivors heal and reclaim a sense of joy in their lives.”

Becoming a bystander in prevention from Samuel Merritt University

Learn about Gutless & Grateful Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention Program here.

Part Two:  Amy’s Articles, Essays and Insights

Body Image and Physical Limitations  See more here.

Accepting the Body Through Yoga

Body Image and Wedding Dress Shopping after 27 Surgeries

PTSD and Coping Strategies  See more here.

Learning to Love Yourself When Everything Changes

PTSD: The Illness I Couldn’t See

Mental Health Awareness Week

Peter Levine and Somatic Experiencing

Positive Psychology and Post-Traumatic Gifts

Sexual Abuse and PTSD  See more here.

Hear Amy speak about domestic violence and sexual abuse on Triumphant Talk

Healing from Numbness – A Sexual Assault Piece

From Frozen to Free – Healing from PTSD

Creativity as a healing mindset and survival tool  See more here.

Art Therapy in Recovery for Addiction and Mental Health 

How Creativity Saved My Life – for The 296 Project (advocating for expressive therapies for trauma/PTSD military veterans)  See more about expressive therapies here.

Why Creativity Is The Only Mindset You’ll Ever Need

Turning Adversity Into Creative Growth

How Art Helped Me Find My Identity

Music Therapy and Composing Through A Coma

Drama and Writing Therapy (The healing process of creating Gutless & Grateful)

Mental Health, Physical Health and Cognitive Reframing  See more here.

Discovering Hope in the ICU – for On Being, the Peabody Award winning podcast with Krista Tippett

My Messy Beautiful Detour 

10 Secrets to Self-Care for Spring Term

Learning to Cope with Everyday Life (tools)  See more here.

The Art of Life is Improvisation 

27 Lessons in Positivity I Learned from 27 Surgeries

Turn Your Life Into The Best Story You’ve Ever Read

10 Inspiring Ways to Keep Hope Alive

Finding Gratitude Through Tragedy

Making Things Happen (turning obstacles into opportunity)  See more here.

My reflections on starting college at 25 for Huffington Post

How Losing My Stomach Made Me Hungry For Life

Inspiring Women in Business Profile

Making Things Happen:  Millennial Mindset

How to Love Bad Luck

How to Balance Life, Work and Creativity

Part Three: Advocacy Campaigns to Participate In or Share Your Story

#LoveMyDetour: Share your beautiful detour here on my site or read our mission statement.

Why I’m not Average for Hope to Cures  #ImNotAverage


One In Twenty

Open Minds Open Doors anti-stigma campaign: mental illness, employment, and legal rights

Are you a student?  Start a Student Detourist Chapter on your campus

Submit your own resource suggestions here.  Your suggestions may become part of my Detourist Guide or Mental Health Advocacy Program.

Copy of My name is Amy

Are you a student? Bring Amy to your school here.

bring gutless to campus


Learn more about starting a chapter here.


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