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Share Your Detour


Share Your Detour

Write about your detour for my Why Not Wednesday weekly feature, where I feature a new Detourist every week and do regular follow-ups, so we all can catch up on where your detour takes you.
How can you share your detour?
 I’d love you to contribute!

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

  • I’m trying to capture “Detourists” from all over – anyone who’s had some kind of unexpected glitch in their travels and how they’ve kept traveling along the path to see where it leads.
  • I’m trying to start a whole movement to show that we all have things come up in life that may surprise us, but they don’t have to derail us. I’m proof of that myself!
  • And what I’ve experienced is, the more stories we hear about turning an obstacle into an opportunity, the more empowered we are to transform our own lives and have confidence that when life DOES surprise us, we’re capable of getting through anything.

So write me about your detour here, or use #LoveMyDetour on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

It can be a picture…

IMG_7159 blushing tree

A song…




Write me here!

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