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#LoveMyDetour Instagram Challenge

Instagram Detourist Challenge

There’re more than one way to share your detour.  Sing it, dance it, walk it.  Take a picture of your detour and share it with me on Instagram with #LoveMyDetour – anything goes!  I’ll be featuring your pictures every week in my #LoveMyDetour Gallery.

Hold up a sign, draw a picture, snap a photo of your path.  It could be the very road in front of you…you never really know where it leads, do you?

I #LoveMyDetour.  Now tell me why you love YOURS!!!

“In the moment, you most likely won’t know how valuable such detours will prove to be, but life has a way of revealing the hidden magic in these moments down the road at the appropriate time.”
― Shannon Ables


Safe travels, Detourists – I’ll be following you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and checking in with those travel-savvy Student Detourists Chapters!

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