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Amy Oestreicher Teaching Artist Sample Lesson Plans


Literary Arts Unit of Study

Celebrating Our Differences Through a Universal Narrative:  Exploring Multidisciplinary Storytelling Through Myth
Students will work with mythology from a range of time periods, places and cultures in multiple mediums to develop comprehension skills, narrative writing technique, and familiarity with multiple art forms including visual art, poetry, music and theatre to create group performance project based on Joseph Campbell’s archetypal hero’s journey.  See more here.

Presentation on Arts Integration and Polish Education

Elementary School Mayan Unit:

Arts Integration Geometry Lesson Plan

DETOUR IN-teractive Lesson Plan for Grade School Students

This in-school workshop uses theatre, art and movement where students learn how to navigate their own detours in life by transforming obstacles into opportunities through creative expression.  Students will become empowered by their story with the transformative power of the arts.  Utilizing theatre games, students will explore the structure and elements of storytelling. Through singing, dancing, and acting students learn about the theatre, the world and themselves, as a means of personal expression and connection to the world around them.  

You’re On the Road Lesson Plan: Geography, Theatre, Writing, Mental Health and Art

Teaching Artist Resource: Lesson Plan Template

Gutless & Grateful Performance Facilitator’s Guide

Making Inchie Art Lesson Plan

Susan Rothenberg Lesson Plan

Susan Rothenberg Art Presentation

Me-Book Lesson Plan

Multidisciplinary Storytelling Lesson Plan

Storytelling, since the beginning of time, has driven change, created movements, and empowered those who never knew they had a story to tell.  Stories transform our personal experience, enrich our community and teach others the lessons we have learned for ourselves – they’re reliable patterns we can lean on in a world with no map.  As an artist, creating stories is my way to uncover the certainty and significance from chaos and unsteadiness.  After surviving a decade of trauma, I discovered this storytelling “survival strategy” as a lifeline, roadmap and anchor to myself.  Creating stories become my lifeline, teaching me to turn this “detour” into the richest time of my life, through my art, theatre, writings and everyday celebration of ordinary miracles.  To cope with years unable to eat or drink, I locked myself in my room and journaling thousands of pages, using Joseph Campbell’s archetypal hero’s journal to create a structure for my life that had lost all structure entirely. Not only did stories help my own personal transformation, they helped me reintegrate into society once I myself had transformed.


I’ve contributed my expertise working as a professional visual artist, performer, playwright and musician to my role as an educator in diverse settings and age ranges, including autistic students at a Connecticut elementary school, adolescents in an in-patient treatment facility, and high school students in an after-school Playback Theatre Troupe.  My hours are extremely flexible and I can easily commute around the Metropolitan area. I possess a strong passion for bringing arts integration programming to underserved populations on both a local and global scale. My multiple projects require me to be extremely self-driven, diligent, flexible and focused. Since my musical’s BroadwayWorld-nominated “Best Theatre Debut” in 2012, I’ve created trauma-informed arts programming and interactive learning experiences for military veterans, at-risk youth, and the wide range of individuals affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to provide hope, help and resources.  Producing this tour required me to be extremely organized and detail-oriented, and to develop excellent time-management skills. Because working with educators, young people and organizations involved constant variables and unexpected changes, I developed a strong sense of humor, the ability to keep calm under pressure, as well as the strong written and verbal communication skills needed to build relationships with arts patrons and to secure sponsorships, which was also enhanced by my experience as a global presenter and keynote speaker.

Working with at-risk youth, and mentoring students through my own educational theatre program, has required flexibility, organization, and continuous communication with their parents and teachers. I’ve created customized curriculums, lesson plan and facilitator guides for my program, Mental Health Mindset, which uses theatre games and mixed media art-making to develop leadership skills and an authentic thirst for knowledge. My teaching is a celebration of the creativity within us all, and the stories we deserve to express freely. I would be honored to support the very same pillars which have inspired me as a writer and human.

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