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In-Depth Speaking Topics

Simpler Than You Think: Four Essential Mindsets to Fuel Your Business with Aliveness

Who knew that was launching and marketing a successful business could be as simple four inspirational words? Gratitude, Hope, Creativity, Stories. These might be easily confused with whimsical phrases on gifted journals you’ll find at the bookstore.  That’s what makes these growth skills so great — basic, long-term mindsets that anyone can foster, enabling us all to create an authentic, thriving business.  Learn how to use creativity as a mindset, allowing us to interact with a deeper part of our aliveness, and build a stronger identity for our brand and for ourselves.  A strong sense of identity is the greatest compass on any “detour” our business – or life –  takes.  Amy will share how these skills fostered the resilience which enabled her business to thrive after her own near-death experience, and how we can utilize these skills to overcome any obstacles, turning life’s detours into the business of our dreams.  Learn more here.

Faith-based Resilience: Cultivating strength in trauma through spirituality

As the granddaughter of holocaust survivors Amy explains how relying on her grandmother’s strength and spirit enabled her to survive, which inspired a spirituality-fueled resilience. Learn how to identify the strength and compassion of Judaism as a transformative healing tool, and come forward as Jewish leaders and allies in today’s world. See more here.


Turn Your Life into the Best Story You Ever Read

Does life seem overwhelming? Do your circumstances feel shaky, uncertain and frightening?  Use the power of stories to reframe your narratives and become the author of our own lives. Learn more here.


Three tracks of Storytelling:

  • Healing Through Our Stories: The Wounded Storyteller

The spoken, sung and written word has the power to transform our lives, our community, shape our world, cultivate self love and compassion. Using the transformative power of theatre and language, Amy will show how through spoken word, storytelling and creativity, we can transform our personal experience and affect the lives us others.

  • The Power of Our Stories: For Leaders, Activists and Social Change

To become a bold, powerful leader, we need to take hold of our stories to become anchored in who we are.  Once we know what we’re about, we are grounded in the strong values which drive us to where we need to go next.  Writing our own narratives means listening to our hearts.  Our stories enrich our community and change the world by setting our vision honoring the ideas we believe in, and teach others the lessons we have learned for ourselves.  Through sharing our stories, we ignite the authors in each other, and empower our community.

  • Change the World With a Story: For Entrepreneurs and Change-Makers

Storytelling, since the beginning of time, has driven change, created movements, and launched careers. We all have the ability to change the world through our stories, through connecting to others on a deeply personal, universal level.

Learn emotional and persuasive power of telling an authentic story and proves it to be an essential leadership, self-development and resiliency skill.


You’re a Detourist

A Detourist looks for the upside of obstacles. A Detourist follows that twisted path because they’re curious to see where it could lead.
A Detourist travels along detours – simple enough.  But in addition, a Detourist embraces those unexpected routes as opportunities for growth, change and self-fulfillment. Amy is living proof that a detour can lead to unexpected blessings.  The art of “Detourism” is the subject of Amy’s TEDx talk.  Learn why being a Detourist is the road that leads to living your best life.  Learn more here.


Staying Hungry for Life

Learn how to fuel success with passion.  Amy shares her near death experience and unique personal story with humor, hunger and heart, highlighting the disappointments, struggles, triumphs, and gratitude in her life on a journey of hope, determination, and perseverance. A celebration of life through creativity, passion, and resilience, Amy will share how passion fueled her success and turned her hunger into an insatiable entrepreneurial drive, and share secrets to turning adversity into a livelihood.  Learn more here.


PTSD and Sexual Assault: For Survivors

What factors lead to individual’s ability to assertively cope with and escape from potentially dangerous situations?  In the wake of sexual assault, destructive coping strategies can lead to amplified PTSD symptoms and victimization.

Through sexual assault prevention, PTSD education and empathy-building, we assert our innate power to move through trauma.  By understanding the psychological repercussions of sexual violence, individuals are empowered to come forward as allies and leaders, creating a community striving towards compassion.  Learn healthy coping skills for healing after sexual assault.  Learn more here.


PTSD and Sexual Assault: For Professionals Working with Survivors

In the face of trauma, an individual can fight, flee or freeze.  For many survivors of assault, the “freeze” response can trigger complex feelings of shame and guilt, intertwined with feelings of helplessness from their initial trauma.  When unattended, immobility can lead to destructive coping mechanisms, which create barriers to healing.  Learn why understanding the freeze response in trauma is the secret to building a community with an empowered approach to sexual assault prevention.  Learn more here.

View PDF with Sexual Assault & PTSD Programming information.


Mental Health Mindset on Campus

Explore the secrets to gratitude, hope, stories and creativity to maximize student success.

Learn how to build resilience, and develop healthy self care strategies,  Discover how to create a healthy campus with an empowered approach to health through fostering long-term mindsets.


Making a Great Comeback After Illness

Leaving the recovery room, the doctor’s office or a hospital bed often leaves us with scars we can’t see.  Learn valuable self-care strategies when coping with illness, and discover creative ways to true to who you are in spite of medical circumstances.  Learn more here.


Creativity: The Only Mindset You Need

Creativity is not only a mindset, but an essential survival skill. Creativity puts the magic back in life, so not only are we never bored, we are constantly inspired, present, empowered, and happy.  Learn how to use creativity as a roadmap, an anchor to the self, and a lifeline to the community.  Learn more here.


The Greatest Collaboration:  Ostomy Care as a Patient-Nurse Partnership

How do you create roadmap for care when there is none?  Although many patients leave the operating room with ostomies and wounds, there is no singular solution or plan of care for every patient.  After surviving a total gastrectomy, organ failure, a coma, 27surgeries and six of the past ten years unable to eat or drink, Amy Oestreicher learned to create her own plan of wound management care that would best suit her needs, with the help of several WOCN nurses.  Amy will discuss the importance of creativity as a mindset in wound care, her own innovative solutions, how she used her role as an artist to manage a wound that has remained open for four years, and stress the importance of empowered relationship dynamics between nurse and patient. Only through a collaborative partnership, empathy, respect and understanding, can a patient thrive in spite of their conditions.  Learn more here.

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Finding the Gifts After Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

People need adversity, trauma and setbacks in order to grow, change, evolve, develop as a person, find their inner strength and become a richer, deeper version of themselves. Amy will explain the psychological aftermath of trauma and symptoms of PTSD, and provide means of developing creative, healthy coping strategies.  Learn more here.

Food and Gratitude: Nourish Your Body, and Stay Hungry for Life 

“Surgeons connected my body, but food connected my mind and soul.”  After being unable to eat a morsel of food or drink a drop of liquid for six years, Amy learned powerful lessons about the emotional, physical, psychological and social importance of food.  Relearning how to nourish her body after 27 surgeries required and new approach to self-love and self-care.  Take an empowered, compassionate approach to nourishing your body and come to love the food that breathes passion into your life.  With mindfulness, you’ll learn to observe your thoughts and emotions without immediately acting and are better able to choose how to react more effectively.  Embrace your right and responsibility to define beauty on your own terms and to love and respect themselves and their bodies. Form a deeper relationship with yourself and with others through love, care and confidence.  Shedding insight into our emotional and intellectual relationships with food, Amy goes far beyond body image and eating disorders to get to the heart of the issue, helping individuals shape their perspectives about nutrition, stress and weight management, with humor, poignancy, and practical tools.






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