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My life experience in these brief 29 years have taught me…how much more there is to learn!  Yet, I’ve also learned lessons through my beautiful detour that have inspired others with my message of hope, gratitude, and resilience.  Through my show, my art and my story, I hope to shed light on the true power of the human spirit – the strength that is within all of us, and the fierce, determined passion we are capable in accessing when we decide to live our best lives.

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“The Power of Our Stories”

Learn more about my Power of Words workshops here and Workshops One-Sheet.


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Leading a workshop for the Transformative Language Arts Network in Kansas City, MO

 “Transforming Adversity Into Creative Growth”

ELISA K _MG_1520

Listen to my podcast on the topic at Powerful Nonsense.

“Becoming Larger Than Your Circumstances”


Listen to my interview with Carol Graham: “Never Give Up Hope”.


“From Scratch:  Passion Fuels Success”

Learn about Amy as an entrepreneurial inspiration here.

(B;Hive – Heart of the City Speaks)

 “Making Things Happen”

Resilience and the Power of the Human Spirit: Arts Immersion Salon

Listen to my interview with BITE Radio: The Power of Our Stories.

“Living Gutsy With Gratitude”


Theatre Row, NYC

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***Learn more about Gutless & Grateful here.

Listen to my interview on Gutless & Grateful with REP Radio and BITE Radio. (2014)

“How Losing My Stomach Made Me Hungry For Life”


From Frozen to Free: Healing from Sexual Assault


Hampshire College

Read article on sexual assault for Huffington Post here.

Hope as a Survival Skill: Spirituality-Enhanced Resilience

jewish speaking 2

Read Amy’s reflections on faith here.

Private Coaching – Contact Amy here for:

  • Creating and healing through your own story
  • Life-reframing and navigating detours
  • Creating your own resiliency toolbox after trauma
  • Turning your passion to business

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I was sexually abused.My stomach exploded.I was in an coma for months.I've had 27 surgeries.I couldn't eat or drink for 6 years.

Amy is a proud member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau.

 Gutless & Grateful: Healing Through the Passion for Life – Amy
Amy Oestreicher B&W 2006Oestreicher:
In this inspirational performance, survivor Amy Oestreicher weaves her near death experience and unique personal story with an eclectic set of songs, highlighting the disappointments, struggles, triumphs, and humor in her life on a musical journey of hope, determination, and perseverance. A celebration of life through creativity, passion, and gratitude,
“Gutless” can touch everyone from trauma survivors to anyone needing inspirational words of courage, humor, and healing. Amy will perform her autobiographical one-woman musical (70 min), talk about the healing process of telling her story, and provide tools for others to do the same.

You can also participate in Amy’s motivational and interactive workshops.  

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