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Gutless & Grateful Referral Program

Want to bring Gutless & Gratefulto your campus?
Want to get a FREE one-on-one coaching session with Amy or one-of-a-kind mixed-media art handmade by Amy?

Refer your school!

But Amy, how do I do that?

It’s easy! Just send one of the letters I’ve linked below to the people listed and tell them to mention your name when they contact me.
If they get back to me and mention your name, I’ll give you your choice of a free one-hour coaching session or a unique mixed-media painting!

Gutless & Grateful can be tailored for sexual assault awareness & prevention or for general mental health. Choose from the following:

Sexual Assault Awareness/Prevention Mental Health
Sexual Assault Awareness/Prevention Mental Health
I'm not a victim. bring gutless to campus
Send this to your:

  • Title IX coordinator
  • SGA
  • Women’s Center
  • Center for multicultural diversity
  • Student affairs
  • Student organizations/activism groups
  • Health/wellness center
  • Campus safety
  • Special Events Committee
Send this to your:

  • Student government president
  • Student activities board
  • Campus life staff
  • Counseling Services/Wellness Center
  • Special events team
  • NAMI, Active Minds, or Health-Related Student Organization
  • Student Theatre group or Theatre Faculty member
  • Greek Life
  • Peer Educators
Perfect for:

  • Sexual assault awareness month (April)
  • Orientation
  • Take back the night
  • Bystander prevention
  • V-Day
  • Womens empowerment/feminist groups
  • Peer educators/CAPS
  • PTSD awareness
  • Coping skills
Perfect for:

  • Suicide prevention
  • Orientation
  • Greek life event
  • Musical event/concert opportunity
  • Theatre festival/performance weekend
  • Mental health awareness
  • Disability advocacy
  • Living with physical illness awareness
  • Womens empowerment/feminist groups
  • Ostomy/crohns/colitis/IBD support
  • Peer educators/CAPS
  • PTSD awareness
  • Coping skills
Click here for letter text Click here for letter text

*musical theatre, comedy, mental health advocacy, sexual assault awareness, bystander prevention, discussion, workshops…there’s something for everyone!

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