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Bring Gutless & Grateful to Your Campus

Do you want to bring the #LoveMyDetour movement to your school?


You’ve loved sharing stories about “detours” in life that you didn’t expect.

 You’ve learned about how to love your detour and turn an obstacle into the best experience of your life.

If everyone knew how to turn an unexpected “detour” into a positive, imagine the campus we’d have – a community of “detourists” sharing their journeys, reaching out, finding hope, help and resources.

A de-tour does not have to de-rail you.  Navigating our detours with resilience and trust can turn into the richest journey of our lives.

Help your friends know they’re not alone in their travels. Let’s get the campus talking about an empowered approach to mental health.  Detours are wonderful little pathways!

You realize your path is normal when you realize that nobody’s path is normal.  If we’re open about our journeys, it makes the trip that much easier.

Create a more compassionate community:

  • Support LGBT students and allies at your school here.
  • Help survivors of sexual violence on campus and learn how to be a supportive bystander here.

Let’s make college a supportive, open, detour-friendly environment. We’re stronger together.

I can come to you!


Make a change on campus! Start a Student Detourist Group – learn more here!

What am I bringing?

Learn about my performance, program and workshops here.

You’ll get to share your story on campus and hear a story of survival...musical theatre style.

How do you bring me to campus?

It’s easy! Click here. You’ll even get a free coaching session with me if your school books me for an event and mentions your name!

Are you ready to start the conversation?

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