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Gutless & Grateful on College Campuses: Pictures, Testimonials, Videos

Selected testimonials:

“Amy led nineteen senior theatre majors though a one-hour workshop, in which she reprised a monologue from her performance in order to demonstrates what she terms “life’s beautiful detours”.    Amy then facilitated a couple of playback theatre exercises.  Her own honesty about her difficult life journey inspired students in the class to share problems they had experienced and together we found creative ways to express the position they were in.  We then used paper and ink to map out life journeys and walk with them around the room.  I felt tensions and competitiveness leave the room as the students beginning to move through each other’s journeys.

Amy’s seemingly unlimited energy and enthusiasm is infectious.”  – Talya Kingston, Professor of Theatre, School for Interdisciplinary Arts, Hampshire College

View the gallery below and click on each image to see a description.

“I went to your show this evening and I wanted to tell you how incredible it was. Your story was so moving, and I know it speaks to and touches a lot of people.” – Shelby
“It was so nice to hear your story and I heard so much meaningful dialogue sparked from the performance as I biked by audience members on my way home!” – Nina

Gutless & Grateful can also be followed by smaller interactive workshops which allow students the chance to express what they’ve learned creatively.  (See an excerpt from a “map your detour” acting exercise for Theatre Majors)


Another option is to do a smaller talk or meal with the members of a particular student group or various breakout sessions throughout the day, as well as the opportunity to start a local chapter of peer support to continue implementing the skills they’ve learned.

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