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Bring Detourist Progamming to You: The Proven Formula for Resilience, Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities (on TEDx, HuffPost & NBC)

#LoveMyDetour is a creative program highlighting our strengths through creativity to help us handle any uncertainty, adversity or “detour” in our lives with grace, authenticity and confidence.

Amy’s newly released book, My Beautiful Detour: An Unthinkable Journey from Gutless to Grateful,” can be licensed to schools at a discounted rate, along with a complete curriculum.

The Detourist mission is to create supportive environments that promote healthy and empowered individuals, families, and communities. We aim to teach the tools people need to address their own mental health effectively by providing an in depth and evidence based education on mental health, the symptoms and varied impacts of PTSD on both the individual and community, an understanding of brain and human development, teaching participants about coping tools, and showing the crucial steps to help oneself or a peer, colleague, or loved one in crisis. All participants and readers will compete the curriculum with a well-rounded, accessible understanding of how to utilize frozen energy and maladaptive coping mechanisms into personal empowerment and positive change, through the transformative power of creativity.

Detourist Resiliency curriculum is broken down into five modules.

  • The Basics of Mental Health
  • Coping Skills
  • Storytelling and Support Systems
  • Living With a Visible and Invisible Illness
  • Creativity Builds Resilience, Leadership and Positive Change
  • Commonly requested programs for students: Mental Health Mindset and Sexual Assault Prevention

The Detourist Resiliency Method

Learn about Detourist Programming for Corporate Companies here.

For youth, college students, artists, and “Detourists” of all ages!

As I first described in my Huffington Post Essay, It’s Okay to Freeze, every thought, sensation and feeling that threatens to hold us back can be powerfully transformed as energy we can actively mold, transform and harness as fuel to not only navigate our detours, but to restructure, enrich, and embolden our paths entirely.

Find out more about The Detourist Resiliency Method here.

What is the #LoveMyDetour Programming?

#LoveMyDetour also strives to bring the voices of those who struggle with all kinds of obstacles, from the margins to the center. The curriculum plants the seeds for change in the world we live in by posing the following questions:

  1. How do we create a community that supports every individual in their own process of self-discovery?
  2. How can we reach out to others and what is the benefit, for the as well as for us?
  3. How do we heal when we start speaking up?
  4. How do obstacles affect everyone differently, but bring us all together?
  5. How is resiliency is connected to personal power, empowerment and positive change?
  6. How do we build strength through knowledge, life experience, inner and outer resources to not for our own self-development, but for societal transformation?

About the Program

The open Detourist curriculum is ideal for developing the skills and mindsets which build resiliency, resourcefulness, and agents of change on campus, The peer-led program will last for 10-weeks, starting with an introduction to leadership and strategies for positive change, devising creative projects to address community issues of their choosing, and culminating in a Detour Day, where the student Detourists-In-Training have the opportunity to share the projects they’ve developed in a way to positively affect those around them.


Sessions will last 1 hour and include various activities, incorporating new content as well as time to work on projects through guided activities.

Detourist Programming can also be paired with Amy’s keynote speaking, internationally acclaimed one-woman musical autobiography, Mental Health programming, or other creative arts workshops.

These are key ideas for #LoveMyDetour – We navigate our detours through creating our own recipe for resilience:

  • The Power of Stories: the healing effects of sharing our story, learning our stories for ourselves, and allowing ourselves to be affected by the stories of others
  • Gratitude: The idea of cultivating hope through gratitude. Through simple exercises and habits, including the discipline or a daily gratitude list, we become grounded in who we are, once we know what our values are and what we stand for.  Once anchored in ourselves, we can begin to access our inner-trust and compass to navigate our detours
  • Creativity: Once we become grounded in who we are through gratitude, we can use creativity to center ourselves and propel us forward. Through creativity, we are able to be with our experiences and emotions that may be too painful, frightening or overwhelming for words, as well as experiences that have yet to be acknowledged.
  • Hope:  Hope can start out as a “lie” we tell ourselves – or as one occupational therapist told me, “therapeutic lying.” Cultivating hope can be hard work, intentional fabrication, or willing suspension of disbelief – but it is our active duty.

So…are YOU a Detourist?

  • Use the Detourist Resiliency Method for spirituality retreats and religious institutions here.
  • Use the Detourist Resiliency Method in hands-on creative workshops for your group here.

Bring the #LoveMyDetour Program to your school, community or organization, or find out where Amy will be leading one next:


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