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Gutless and Grateful Tracks – Amy Oestreicher

Welcome to the Gutless and Grateful page for pre-recorded tracks and script! You can learn more about the show on its main page,, or download a press kit.  

NOTE: Please do not share this page with anyone else. Thank you!  E-mail me at if you have questions!

View script for audio cues HERE.

CUE MUSIC 17: Bows

CUE MUSIC 16: The Story

CUE MUSIC 15: Still Alive

CUE MUSIC 14: Lost In The Corner

CUE MUSIC 13: Food Glorious Food

CUE MUSIC 12: Horse With Wings

CUE MUSIC 11: What About Today?

CUE MUSIC 10: I’d Rather Be Sailing

CUE MUSIC 9: Take Me To The World

CUE MUSIC 8: I Remember

CUE MUSIC 7: The Physician

CUE MUSIC 6B: Lost In The Stars

CUE MUSIC 6A: Lost In The Stars

CUE MUSIC 5: Say a Prayer

CUE MUSIC 4: I Know Things Now

CUE MUSIC 3: You There In The Back Row

2: Born to Entertain

#1 I Wish It So/Just Around the Riverbend



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