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How do you get a TEDx Talk? Get Your Free 11-Page Guide!


Many people have asked how I’ve “gotten” a TEDx Talk, or appeared on NBC’s Today Show, write for Huffington Post, or basically, ended up all over the internet.

Many people are inspired by my story of almost losing my life at 18 years old, and how I’ve come back stronger and harder, and even more grateful.

Now, I want to share the super-simple tricks and tools that have helped me go from a coma to career, and from surviving to thriving with you.  That’s why I’d love to work with you one-on-one. Just send me a note!

But in the meantime, I want to share some exclusive tips on how I “got” a TEDx Talk, and tips on becoming a successful, truly unique public speaker with your own authentic “idea worth spreading.”

Get your free TEDx “Ideas Worth Spreading” Guide!

Interested in working with me one on one?

How do you get a TEDx Talk-How do you find an -idea work spreading--How do you speak with confidence and heart- (1)

  • Work with me as a business and speaking coach here.
  • Work with me as a creativity, life and detour coach here.
  • Aw, just send me a note and say hi!

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