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Check here if:

___ I’ve had something unexpected happen in my life

___I’ve had to go a different route because life had other plans for my plans

___I’m not sure where my path is going

If life didn’t go as you expected, that’s a detour.

Sometimes, we can’t learn to love our detour until we spend a bit of time traveling it – we need to give that detour enough time to form a story of its own.

Why should you love your detours?

  • Detours lead to endless discoveries.
  • Detours give us ways out.
  • Detours connect us.
  • Detours make our stories.
  • Detours make our meaning.

Detours allow us to find the exotic flowers along the unexpected path.

A Detourist doesn’t just take the detour, they embrace it – bumps and all – and keep traveling. 

You’re On The Road: A Workshop for Detourists

Detourist workshops bring people together from all ages, professions and backgrounds, celebrating the detours that make us who we are.  Using the Detour Road Map to Resilience* participants will claim their Detourist identity by discovering arrows to navigate through life’s messy detours.


Detourists workshops can include engaging discussions, writing prompts, art activities, theatre games story-circles, and plenty more surprises along the way.  Most importantly, workshops are journey to endless discovery – and an eagerness for the infinite detours to come!

We might not know where our detour is headed, but the more we travel, the more we see that our detours are not really detours at all.  They are the path we’ve taken – a path that’s forever imprinted in our souls and in the hearts of those our “detours” affect.

  • Participants will walk – or travel – away with:
  • Tools for improvisation: the Art of life
  • Creativity as a way to see the world and essential mindset
  • Challenge old ways of thinking
  • Turn Adversity Into Creative Growth
  • Methods for setting up a Community Detour Day
  • And many more tools for navigating detours in life.

You’re on the road, Detourists!  A detour is not a dead end.

I turned my detour into the best trip ever.

“Amy led nineteen senior theatre majors though a one-hour workshop, in which she reprised a monologue from her performance in order to demonstrates what she terms “life’s beautiful detours”.    Amy then facilitated a couple of playback theatre exercises.  Her own honesty about her difficult life journey inspired students in the class to share problems they had experienced and together we found creative ways to express the position they were in.  We then used paper and ink to map out life journeys and walk with them around the room.  I felt tensions and competitiveness leave the room as the students beginning to move through each other’s journeys.

Amy’s seemingly unlimited energy and enthusiasm is infectious.”  – 
Talya Kingston, Professor of Theatre, School for Interdisciplinary Arts, Hampshire College

View the gallery below and click on each image to see a description.

(See an excerpt from a “map your detour” acting exercise for Theatre Majors)

*Recipe for Resilience:

These are key ideas for #LoveMyDetour – We navigate our detours through creating our own recipe for resilience:

  • The Power of Stories: the healing effects of sharing our story, learning our stories for ourselves, and allowing ourselves to be affected by the stories of others
  • Gratitude: The idea of cultivating hope through gratitude. Through simple exercises and habits, including the discipline or a daily gratitude list, we become grounded in who we are, once we know what our values are and what we stand for. Once anchored in ourselves, we can begin to access our inner-trust and compass to navigate our detourslovemydetour
  • Creativity: Once we become grounded in who we are through gratitude, we can use creativity to center ourselves and propel us forward. Through creativity, we are able to be with our experiences and emotions that may be too painful, frightening or overwhelming for words, as well as experiences that have yet to be acknowledged.
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