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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

We all start somewhere.. (1)

Creativity is not just for the studio or the arts-enthusiast.  Creativity helped me bounce back, around and on top of anything life handed me – including 27 surgeries. (Hear my TEDx Talk about that…)

I’d love to share some of the exclusive tips and tools that helped me use creativity as a healing force that not only saved my life and made me extremely happy…but also put out some really great art!

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Besides my e-book, you’ll also find a ton of ideas in my Get Crafty section of my blog, including…

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Want more?  You can also try a creativity coaching session and start celebrating creative living.

Learn how to use creativity as a mindset.

But don’t worry, there’s actual “art” too – You’ll get art advice for the kid in all of us.  Tutorials, art tips, pretty images, craft and DIY ideas.  Don’t think you’re an artist?  Even better – you know where you’re starting!  Working with me is going to inspire you to use creativity not only for art, but as a way to see the world.  And remember – art isn’t just painting…or just visual!

You’ll receive:

  • custom tutorials
  • personalized feedback and techniques
  • secrets to my art I’m not sharing with anyone else
  • videos, additional resources, articles, and inspirations
  • phone, Skype and lots of one-on-one time

You won’t find my techniques anywhere on the internet. Remember – I’m self taught, so it’s all in my head – and heART!

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Watch my TEDx Talk on creativity here!

See something in my online galleries?  We’ll work step by step to help you duplicate a piece, the idea of a piece, or a vision entirely your own!

Group Classes Available

“Show Me Your heART” Workshops  Through eclectic materials, unique insights, messy fun and guided prompts, Show Me Your heART inspires people of all ages to discover creativity as a means of personal expression and making beautiful, personal art.  Through mixed media art, participants will discover what being in the “flow” of creativity feels like, and use art as a way to navigate through life’s messy detours.

Express Yourself Workshops Storytelling, Writing, Art, Creativity, Group or Private. Learn more…

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We all start somewhere..

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