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Simpler Than You Think: Four Essential Mindsets to Fuel Your Business with Aliveness

Who knew that was launching and marketing a successful business could be as simple four inspirational words? Gratitude, Hope, Creativity, Stories. These might be easily confused with whimsical phrases on gifted journals you’ll find at the bookstore.  That’s what makes these growth skills so great — basic, long-term mindsets that anyone can foster, enabling us all to create an authentic, thriving business.  Learn how to use creativity as a mindset, allowing us to interact with a deeper part of our aliveness, and build a stronger identity for our brand and for ourselves.  A strong sense of identity is the greatest compass on any “detour” our business – or life –  takes.  Amy will share how these skills fostered the resilience which enabled her business to thrive after her own near-death experience, and how we can utilize these skills to overcome any obstacles, turning life’s detours into the business of our dreams.  Learn more here.

Harness the Power of Storytelling to Accelerate Your Career

Storytelling, since the beginning of time, has driven change, created movements, and launched careers. We all have the ability to become bold, powerful leaders through our stories, connecting to others on a deeply personal, universal level. Our stories motivate ourselves as well as our community to adapt to the workforce, take entrepreneurial risks and assume leadership roles with self-assurance.

Learn how a personal story can spark thought-provoking questions that inspire others to think creatively, be more engaged and take action.

By utilizing classic storytelling techniques, you’ll work to reframe your personal narrative, effortlessly creating compelling meaning that motivates those around you, and connects your competencies to your confidence.

When we take hold of our personal stories, we anchor our self in a strong sense of identity and unwavering integrity. Our stories enrich our community and change the world by setting our vision, honoring the ideas we believe in, and teaching others the lessons we have learned for ourselves. With the power of story, successful women in the workplace become trail-blazing leaders, driving a community ethos towards inclusion and cultivating an environment of change-agents. Learn the emotional and persuasive power of telling an authentic story, and utilize it as an essential leadership, self-development and resiliency skill.

In our own stories, lie our values. Expressing our stories helps us to identify our career ambitions. Our life goals become realities by tapping into our passion. When we know our own stories, we can grow professionally, express our ideas with fearless strength, and stand out from the crowd, while still remaining relatable to those we influence, and true to our own values.

Learn to stand out from the pack and move into the leadership role you deserve, while expressing your ideas and accomplishments with warmth and strength. Think your story’s not worth sharing? By the end of this session, you’ll be surprised!

Turn Your Career into in Idea Worth Spreading: Secrets from TEDx

  Use the power of stories to turn your career into an idea that can transform our lives, our community, shape our world, cultivate self love and compassion. Through sharing our stories, we ignite the authors in each other, and empower our community. Learn emotional and persuasive power of telling an authentic story and proves it to be an essential leadership, self-development and resiliency skill. Learn tips from TEDx that will make your idea remarkably spreadable. Learn more here.

You’re a Detourist:  Your Detour Leads to a Bigger, Bolder Business

A Detourist looks for the upside of obstacles. A Detourist follows that twisted path because they’re curious to see where it could lead.
A Detourist travels along detours – simple enough.  But in addition, a Detourist embraces those unexpected routes as opportunities for growth, change and self-fulfillment. Amy is living proof that a detour can lead to unexpected blessings.  The art of “Detourism” is the subject of Amy’s TEDx talk.  Learn why being a Detourist is the road that leads to living your best life.  Learn more here.


Staying Hungry for Life: Fueling Livelihood with Aliveness

Learn how to fuel success with passion.  Amy shares her near death experience and unique personal story with humor, hunger and heart, highlighting the disappointments, struggles, triumphs, and gratitude in her life on a journey of hope, determination, and perseverance. A celebration of life through creativity, passion, and resilience, Amy will share how passion fueled her success and turned her hunger into an insatiable entrepreneurial drive, and share secrets to turning adversity into a livelihood.  Learn more here.


More Than a Username: Creating Successful Careers through Storytelling on Social Media

Participants will engage in hands-on exercises individually, in small groups, and finally, through role-playing theatre games in partners.  There will also be interactive worksheets, and visual art exercises to help participants map out their social media strategy.  This is a take on social media marketing that goes beyond the typical laptop or phone screen. Participants will learn how to have a firm hold on their marketing platforms by engaging in dynamic activities which force them to locate the authentic place from which their message is coming from.

Facebook was invented when Amy Oestreicher was in a coma. Within a decade, Amy learned resourceful marketing skills needed to grow her business and amplify it through social media, starting from her story, and ultimately transforming it into a compelling, top-selling brand, seen on NBC, TEDx, CBS, Huffington Post and through international keynote presentations. Discover the unique strengths of each platform and craft authentic copy that sounds like you in a way that is irresistible to others.  How does twitter create engagement with larger, powerhouse operations that other forms of communication can’t? Through creative, hands-on exercises, you’ll learn step-by-step secrets to driving online traffic, and growing your online presence through a plethora of platforms, reaching a sweeping audience with diverse interests.  Rather than a workshop on automating tweets, or gaining the most followers with the least amount of effort, you’ll achieve maximum results with mindful, efficient effort, creating a following that knows who YOU are, and needs a message only YOU can deliver.

  • Create a specific copy targeted to three different marketing platforms
  • Identify four benefits of using Facebook for marketing
  • Describe three unique benefits of using Twitter as a social media marketing strategy.

My career took off exponentially within a very short period of time, thanks to learning how to use social media effectively.  All speakers know that marketing themselves on social media is important, but very few know ho to use it in targeted, specific ways that are relentless, and successful in unexpected ways.  A key concept that sets my work apart, is I don’t believe in automating my tweets.  Every social media promotion is done manually, which may seem like a “disappointment” at first.  Yet, there are secrets to this strategy that are amazingly effective.  There is something for every level of expertise here.

Anyone who wants to start their own business needs to promote it. So using networking and promotion is an opportunity not only to market yourself as a speaker, but to meet new people and be exposed to new ideas.  The key is to not try to always “land” gigs through social media, but to be interesting.  Social media, although an infinitely large world, is also a very small sphere.  People will remember you, if you promote yourself well.  Through creative exercises, participants will learn how to communicate copy that is uniquely authentic to their own truth, creating a memorable impression on someone’s screen.  This workshop encourages social media marketing and networking to inspire you as a whole person rather than just as a business, through creative strategies.

Creativity is more than arts and crafts.  Creativity is a way to view the world differently.   This hands on workshop will teach participants how to see their own message differently, and communicate that in a way that no one else can do. They key is not only making yourself heard, it’s making yourself feel needed.

Blog your way to business!

Many writers have blogs, but does it produce revenue? Whether you want to earn a few extra dollars or turn blogging into a major source of income, Amy will share the ins and outs of how to earn money as a blogger.

The Irreplaceable Speaker’s Secret:  Find the Universal Message in Your Own Unique Story

This workshop was inspired by the most frequented question I get from women entrepreneurs: “How do I make myself stand out as a woman leader?”  Until I knew how to “place” my story, I was unsure where I fit in as a business owner.  I didn’t know where to start. Once I was able to leverage my own personal story, I was able to witness firsthand the effect that my on innovative ideas had on others. I saw that he workforce needed to hear what I had to say I realized I could make a difference as a bold, powerful female leader.   I went from thinking I’d be pigeon-holed as a “survivor” to branching out into marketing, entrepreneurship, social change, women’s leadership and arts advocacy.  In this session, I’ll be sharing the tools that enabled me to bridge the gap from “survivor story” to “business owner” with a confident authority over a range of topics.

No one else can write the story of our life – its what makes us unique, yet we all can relate to certain themes and feelings. When we tell our story, we find connection.  I am living proof that anyone is capable of launching a business from scratch with a story and a passionate drive.  I’ll explain how to use your own personal story to create a presentation, as well as a business that stays in the hearts and mind of your target audience, how to create an authentic and compelling brand based on your story, how to create speeches based on your values, and finally, how to create a marketing strategy that will make sure your story gets heard.

  • Create a compelling “hook” in their presentation through reframing their own personal experience
  • Describe two archetypal arcs in their story that serve to create a compelling presentation
  • Identify two or more different audiences that can relate to a single message in their presentation and create a marketing strategy for each

Business & Leadership: Executive Coaching, Team-Building, Non-Profit Consulting, Seminars & Workshops



Amy Oestreicher: Motivational Speaker on Mental Health, Resiliency, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Making a Great Comeback After Illness

Get back to the workplace with a new lease on life, a greater sense of your goals, and more drive than ever before.  Leaving the recovery room, the doctor’s office or a hospital bed often leaves us with scars we can’t see.  Learn valuable self-care strategies when coping with illness, and discover creative ways to true to who you are in spite of medical circumstances.  Learn more about making the transition back to your career here.

Creativity: The Only Mindset You Need

Creativity is not only a mindset, but an essential survival skill. Creativity puts the magic back in life, so not only are we never bored, we are constantly inspired, present, empowered, and happy.  Learn how to use creativity as a roadmap, an anchor to the self, a lifeline to the community, and the personal zest your business needs.  Learn more here.


Finding the Gifts After Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

People need adversity, trauma and setbacks in order to grow, change, evolve, develop as a person, find their inner strength and become a richer, deeper version of themselves. Amy will explain the psychological aftermath of trauma and symptoms of PTSD, and provide means of developing creative, healthy coping strategies.  Learn more here.

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