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Business & Leadership: Executive Coaching, Team-Building, Non-Profit Consulting, Seminars & Workshops

Amy’s story of entrepreneurial success living proof that anyone is capable of launching a business from scratch with a story and a passionate drive. (Scroll down for Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Corporate Team-Building Workshops and Seminars)

Business & Leadership Keynote Speaker

View business in-depth speaking topics here, which include:

  • The Four Essential Business Mindsets
  • Women’s Wellness & Leadership
  • Harness the Power of Storytelling to Accelerate Your Career
  • Turn Your Career Into an Idea Worth Spreading: Secrets from TEDx
  • Use Your Detour to Lead to Bigger, Bolder Business
  • Staying Hungry for Life: Fueling Livelihood with Aliveness
  • More Than a Username: Creating Successful Careers through Storytelling on Social Media
  • The Irreplaceable Speaker’s Secret:  Find the Universal Message in Your Own Unique Story
  • Mental Health in the Workplace

For Aspiring Youth, Emerging leaders, Mid-level leaders and CEOs. View professional references and audio testimonials.

“My journey from coma to career has inspired a resiliency program to provide the leadership tools needed to transform adversity into creative growth and entrepreneurial success.”

What makes an organization adaptable, inventive, and genuinely inspiring? Amy shares how promoting artistry, storytelling and creativity, can not only cultivate trust and well-being within an organization, but empower each individual to connect, contribute, create, choose, and to continually challenge themselves, fostering a sense of community, and building collaboration, and driving a workplace ethos towards inclusion. Creative entrepreneurial storytelling helps us to adapt to rules enough to ignore them, break them, and reconstruct them. If we want originality, invention and relentless innovation, we need to harness the power of storytelling to defy the status quo, fearlessly experiment with bold, new ideas and provide everybody in the organization with the chance to exercise his or her leadership capability. An engaging, passionate storyteller, Oestreicher takes audiences on an inspiring journey from coma to career, revealing what anyone in today’s corporate world can learn about business resiliency from post-traumatic growth and the transformative power of storytelling, and how this unconventional rethinking of leadership can reimagine our future through experimentation, risk-taking, and game-changing innovation. Learn more about these business speaking topics.
  • Develops and empowers individuals and teams
  • Inspires commitment
  • Results Orientation
  • Encourages Strategic Planning
  • For Leading Change, Honing Skills, and Building Resiliency
  • Motivates Young Entrepreneurs

Executive Coaching

Amy works closely with your company to customize leadership and training programs to meet your specific goals through learning and development consulting services, including preparing course materials and creating team-building curriculum, guide your company’s leadership to success with a hands-on, creative approach.  Learn more here.

Professional Leadership Development

Amy provides professional development programs that enhance overall workforce performance and improve individual contributions from each employee. Learn more here.

Non-Profit and Business Consulting

Amy enthusiastically provides program participants with a multi-faceted experience based upon professional experience, technical knowledge, and a respect for the communities and individuals your organization wishes to serve in a sensitive and supportive
manner.  Amy will help your business
 create helping relationships, assesses complex problems, identify problem-solving
interventions, and monitor progress towards successful outcomes.
 Learn to work with existing community resources, and achieve goals more effectively and efficiently.

Team Building Workshops and Seminars

This dynamic team building training program produces results. This highly interactive team building program strengthens every aspect of team leadership skills. The program is guaranteed to develop stronger team cohesion, unity and support that are needed to achieve organizational goals.  Learn more here.

Keynote Performance: A Perfect Opening Event for Your Next Corporate/Leadership Conference

In this motivational, informative multimedia presentation, survivor and entrepreneur Amy Oestreicher weaves her near-death experience and unexpected professional journey with musical and comedic flair, highlighting the disappointments, struggles, triumphs, and humor in her life, and how passion fueled her insatiable drive to outperform and turn survival into success.  See FAQ’s here.

Amy demonstrates the emotional and persuasive power of telling a good story and proves it to be an essential business and startup skill. Read Amy’s Huffington Post Column here.

Teams of all sizes will benefit from Amy’s innovative perspective and invaluable life experience.


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Themes include

  • The Power of Words and Storytelling
  • Acceptance, Gratitude, Joy – The Path To Success
  • Navigating Your Beautiful Detours
  • Creativity & Innovation: Seeing Things Differently
  • Creating Anchors: Using Uncertainty as a Springboard
  • Stories that Connect – We Are Our Stories (how archetypes connect us with the human experience)
  • Performance as a transformative, connective, expressive tool
  • Letting hunger fuel success
Speech Topics Include:

  • Late Bloomers Still Boom: The Joys of “Later On” After Happy Interruptions
  • Happy Interruptions: Working Through Illness and Making It Work For You
  • Passion Fuels Success: Live What Your Love
  • From Scratch: I Survived Organ Failure, 27 Surgeries, and Starting a Business
  • Marketing and Spreading Word: Connecting Through Stories That Unite Us All
  • What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You…Valuable: Delivering The Invaluable Gifts of Difficulties
  • Why Wait? Business Starts When You Do

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Perfect For:

  • Team-Building
  • Business Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • Office Programming
  • Explorations In Creativity
  • Storytelling Conferences and Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Continuing Education
  • Communications training

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