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Behavioral Health Topics

What is behavioral health?

If you feel like life's suddenly shattered to pieces...

“Behavioral health” often is used to describe the connection between our behaviors and the health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. This includes behaviors such as eating habits, drinking, or exercising that either immediately or over time impact physical or mental health.

The goals of behavioral health interventions are similar to those of other primary care treatment: helping people function so they can lead healthier, fuller lives. – Maine Health Access Foundation

      Possible Topics Include (as part of Amy’s Post Traumatic Gifts Program)

    Topics Include (as part of Amy’s Post-Traumatic Gifts Program)

    • Bridging Dissociation and Improving Four Common Severe PTSD Symptoms
    • For Caregivers: Dealing With Anger, Aggression and Violence
    • Mental Health Work with Adolescents
    • Understanding the Freeze Response in Trauma
    • Strategies for Understanding and Working With Personality-Disordered Patients
    • Stress-Reduction Techniques and Mindfulness
    • Breaking Down Barriers to Communication and Healing
    • Destigmatizing Mental Illness
    • Suicide Prevention, Individualized Treatment for Survivors
    • Use of Creative Therapies in a Behavioral Health Program
    • The Psychology of Addiction and Compulsion
    • Dramatherapy as and Roleplaying Interventions
    • Understanding Compulsive Exercise and Eating Disorders
    • Acting from the Right Places: Reclaiming Intuition after Sexual Assault
    • Working With Resistance in both Children and Adults

    Ideal for:

    • Patient-Centered Primary Care
    • Correctional Facilities
    • Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals
    • Students studying Psychology and Medicine
    • Survivor Advocates
    • Caregivers and Family Members
    • Educational Administrators

    Mission: To educate, advocate for, and provide hope for individuals affected by behavioral health, substance abuse, mental illness and developmental challenges. 

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