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Over The Moon inchies-by-amy
Mixed-Media Art Inchies
amy-still-life-with-veggies NPO-6
Still Lifes  Art Therapy
Craft Displays & Studio Art  

Through literally reassembling my identity into a mosaic after a decade of life-shattering trauma, I learned that the human spirit feeds off of hope: a product we must create ourselves. Art empowered me with the resourcefulness, curiosity, and generosity of spirit to  transform  adversity to personal growth, resilience, and joy, not only making new meaning from catastrophic events, but interweaving my story into a universal narrative that unites us all, and celebrate life’s ordinary miracles.  I’m a scavenger, telling stories through mixed media art, movement, music and text to create a kaleidoscopic tapestry, brings marginalized voices to the center, and drives a community ethos towards inclusion.

Painting allowed me to express things that were too painful, complicated and overwhelming for words. Creativity became a container for an energy I couldn’t understand, a portal to a world of euphoria, and the great equalizer that both elevated and alleviated my struggles.  Art made me sane through this fantastic world created by a battered subconscious.  Now, I’ve taken the lessons I’ve learned from my canvases and have applied them to every day life. 

My working process is intuitively a celebration of life’s beautiful detours. I found art accidentally on my way to healing from physical and emotional trauma, and have learned that it is one of the most rewarding, forgiving, beautiful ways to find my way through the darkness and into the light.  

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