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Are you a student Detourist?

bring gutless & Grateful to campus here!

College can be tough.  I know – I’ve been there. I just graduated at 30 years old!


Did you know you can start a Detourist Chapter at your school?

Ending up at college almost a decade after high school was my detour.  Now I’m asking you to share yours! 

Learn why every college student can be a Detourist – and why you should be.

Learn how to share your story as a Detourist here and inspire us all in our detouring travels.

I turned my detour into the best trip ever.

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Good ol’ Hampshire College!

Sharing is Caring

Many of you are college students as well, and I’ve loved hearing your own concerns on college campuses – you can still fill out my College Concerns questionaire so I can hear what you’d like to improve on your campus for my mental health workshops.

You can read about why starting college at 25 was the best decision I ever made in my article for Huffington Post.

As you’ll read, life took me on quite a detour, which is why I had a late start.  But late bloomers still bloom, and every detour eventually goes somewhere!


Wanna get involved in the #LoveMyDetour campaign?

Cliff Notes: All you have to do is love your detour…with #LoveMyDetour!  Take a picture and send it over!  But there are other ways too…

I’m trying to capture “Detourists” from all over.

What’s a Detourist?  Anyone who’s had some kind of unexpected glitch in their travels and how they’ve kept traveling along the path to see where it leads.

Certain events in life that may surprise us, but they don’t have to derail us.  I’m proof of that myself! 


And what I’ve experienced is, the more stories we hear about turning an obstacle into an opportunity, the more empowered we are to transform our own lives and have confidence that when life DOES surprise us, we’re capable of getting through anything.

College is full of bumpy rides, stresses, anxieties, and other speed-humps along your journey.  But the good part is – you’re NOT ALONE!

So, if you’d like to share a time in your life when you had a “detour” and how you changed it or it changed you, I’m featuring stories every Wednesday where you can make your own story heard!

A picture, a tweet, a video – anything goes!

Think of it as a Detourist Scrapbook, a collection of stories that will be added to, where we can share and keep up with one another’s journeys at #LoveMyDetour.

What can you do?

  • Get friends to take picture holding up a  #LoveMyDetour sign
  • Yell it on the highest hill of your campus and share the clip
  • Film a video of you walking all over campus taking as many detours as possible
  • Interview your roommate about a difficult detour in their life
  • Take out an atlas from a library and plan a “detour” over Spring Break
  • Go to an art club or other artsy student group and make a beautiful picture of your detour
  • Get your a capella group to do their rockin’ rendition of “I Love My Detour!”
  • Make a detour-themes scavenger hunt on campus
  • Don’t stop when life detours…Keep Going.  And don’t forget to write!
  • Check out some other amazing Detourists in the #LoveMyDetour Gallery – I’ll be expecting a photo from you too!
  • See how many people you can introduce yourself to as a Detourist
  • Share the definition of a Detourist with your Language Arts Class
  • Bring me to your school!

You get the picture!  (Now share it!)

Alright,Detourist, let’s go on and empower the campus, and ultimately the world 🙂


This is all working to empower people based on the message behind my own show, Gutless & Grateful – if you’d like to learn more about bringing G & G to your campus, write me a quick hello!  You can also learn more about it here.


Did you know I can come to you?

As I take my one-woman autobiographical musical to college campuses, I’m hoping to spread the movement worldwide.  So join in with your own Detourist Journey!  Send me a note if you have any questions!


Safe travels…

Download your Detourist Passport to get started…



If life's taken you down an unexpected path, you're a Detourist

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