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Amy the Playwright: Perform My Shows! (Or learn about them)

Read Amy’s Playwright Bio/Resume here.

See Amy’s plays on New Play Exchange here.

Perform Gutless & Grateful!

Gutless & Grateful (1)

Gutless and Grateful can be licensed out for individuals to perform as a one-person show.  

How did I write it?  Learn the story behind creating Gutless and Grateful in my Huffington Post article.

(You can always book me doing the show myself here…)

Imprints: A Full Length Drama


Learn more here.

How did I write it?  Read the Huffington Post article about the premiere reading.

Flicker and a Firestarter

Imprints is currently being redeveloped as Flicker and a Firestarter

The Sky is Blue: A Short Play


Learn more here.


How did I write it? Read the story behind the scene in my Huffington Post Article

In Development…

Trust, Grandma, Mother and Me: Learn more here!


Amy is currently collaborating once again with musical director David Brunetti on a new solo piece featuring all new original music and a storyline you’ll never expect. Stay tuned for details and find out more here.

We Re-Member/Factory Treasure

Two thirty minute plays based in the Lower East Side themed around prosperity.  These plays chronicle the history of a now-abandoned sewing factory, and a family struggling to determine the best way to honor the legacy  of the holocaust survivors who literally built an enterprise from scratch. Read synopsis and character breakdown for both here.

Playwright Updates

Update! Amy’s monologue  “Farthest From the Path” has been selected as a semi-finalist for the NYCPlaywrights WOMEN IN THE AGE OF TRUMP project.

May I have your permission to include an excerpt from your script in a blog post to be added to the NYCPlaywrights

Ask me a question about any of my original works.

Some reactions…

Flicker and a Firestarter: “To find triumph and confidence in your life experiences is something that I think you’ve mastered, I really admire it. You’re able to take the things that you go through and turn them into positives and into something that can help guide someone in their own personal struggles. I found myself flickering for quite some time a few years back before my fire came. I found my passion and let my flames run rampant. It’s nice to see how you flip things, Im really impressed.”

Imprints: “I have worked as a social worker with interpersonal violence and I am a survivor myself.  That said, your play certainly resonates with me. Interestingly enough, one of the audience members asked someone what they thought the play’s message was, which started a meaningful dialogue.  I know that this one conversation above signified the importance of your play – that one person will leave with a better understanding of how trauma not only affects the individual but the family as well.  It’s a realistic depiction of how it happens, how it is denied and ignored within a family structure because the horror of it i so difficult to face. The more people talk about it, (write about it), acknowledge it, the better people will learn to deal with it in a genuine way.  That is why this play needs to be seen.”

Gutless: One part moving testament to human indomitability, the other a thoroughly satisfying evening of song. While each element is strong enough to stand on its own, combined they illuminate and enhance each other. Rarely have I seen narration and song so artfully meshed, and Oestreicher’s likeability, good humor, interpretive skill, and manifest commitment to what she is saying and singing make us not only understand her story, but also feel it on a very deep level.
-Roy Sander, critic for

The Sky is Blue:  “For me, the night sky is a place of extraordinary beauty, personal power, ancestry and the primal web that connects us all to each other and the universe. So I really understand why the mother in the “The Sky is Blue” finds the blue sky a source of comfort, hope and a strong container to hold her and her daughter as they attempt to “manage” the trauma of sexual abuse. The sky is a source of beauty but also a place where supernovas, mark violent endings of one form to then create life in other forms. Amy’s exploding stomach due to the intense sexual pressure placed upon her as a young girl by her abuser marks a similar violent ending and eventual release of a part of her life. Amy, has used the ending of one part of her life to create new beginnings using her words, her paintings and her live performances to heal herself and other survivors of this sadly widespread universal crime. I have been very fortunate to be a part of the telling of her true story with an extraordinary cast of talented, generous, collaborative and openhearted actors who gave so much time and energy to explore many creative possibilities and show the ripple effect that sexual trauma has on a person, their family, their friends and beyond as they find ways to heal.”

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