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If you woke up one day as a “mosaic,” what would the pieces be made of?
They might be different materials, textures, colors, shapes and sizes – we all encounter differently shaped curves, obstacle courses, and hiccups in our lives. Yet we still have to make something out of all of those random pieces. After all, life if what you make it.
“The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, 
and writes another; and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume
as it is with what he vowed to make it.” – 
J.M. Barrie
  I woke up from a coma very different from the Amy I knew before.  It took every second of the past decade to reassemble who I was.  I’m still not done.  But the beauty is, I can keep adding, revising and tinkering as I go.  I’ll never recreate the same Amy.  But I like who I am now.  Who really wants to recreate their 18-year-old selves anyway?  Or is even able to?
 I’ve used the metaphor before of a mosaic – and I love that idea.  Something beautiful, that once shattered, can never be put back together the same way.  But when it’s reassembled it’s still beautiful – a broken beauty – different, but still breathtaking all the same.
There is something very beautiful about the cracks in the pavement, the cracks in shattered glass, in broken fragments of seaglass.  What is broken is beautiful.  Nature shows us that.

One of my favorite books is titles “Broken Open” – How difficult times can help us grow.
How have difficult times allowed you to grow?
It’s true – sometimes cracking the “seal” is the only way to liberate ourselves and find out who we really are.  
Imagine yourself being “broken open” right now, at this very minute.  An egg cracking, a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, a broken glass at a wedding – whatever that means to you.
Imagine the shell, the container that you once found warmth, home and comfort in – or perhaps the container that was preventing you from breaking free.
Now, feel the burst of color, of sound, of light that overflows from those cracks.  All of those beautiful hues of your aliveness, finally breaking free.  That’s what being “broken open” means to me.
Through creating, we discover that there are actually many colors, rhythms, shapes, emotions and worlds inside of us that would have never come to light had we not allowed ourselves to become shattered.
Imagine the beautiful ripples that continue for miles and miles when we toss one small stone into a body of water.  Now remember the stillness that would have kept the water silent, had the surface never been broken open.
It’s a wondrous thing to have leaks, scars, tears, broken bits.  And it’s an amazing feeling to start putting together those pieces once again.
I never enjoyed puzzles as a child.  I thought the task was tedious, redundant and quite boring.  Why would I want to spend hours trying to get random pieces to fit together exactly, when I can just look at the picture on the front of the box and know precisely what my end result will be?
(Although I guess you can also argue that it’s pointless to read Romeo and Juliet if you know they’ll both die – SPOILER ALERT!)
But I guess my kind of puzzle – the mixed media artist’s preference, one might say – is to take those pieces, and rearrange them into something different, but still beautiful.  A beautiful mosaic.  Like me.  Shattered, put together with the experience of a true survivor, and creating a finished product that is nothing like what I started with – and also nothing like I had ever anticipated.
Today, think about whatever you feel is “broken” in your life.  Something didn’t go as you planned – it could be a life-altering event, or you could have ordered the wrong burger – suffering is relative 🙂  Find the broken pieces of your life.
Imagine how you once felt as a “whole”…what gave you that feeling?  For me, I feel whole when I feel my heart.  And I feel my heart when I’m with those I love, when I’m doing what I love, when I feel love for my body, and gratitude for the life I live.
Finding that place of wholeness is NOT like a board game where by the end, you have to land exactly where you started.  The wonderful thing about your heart is, it’s everywhere you are. 
Have a great day…and don’t forget to take your heart with you.  Spend today making beautiful mosaics out of unexpected events, disappointing setbacks and other random surprises.  What kind of new masterpiece will YOU create?
(A beautiful new masterpiece, different, but beautiful all the same.)
On a random mosaic note – I found a site that can generate an emoji mosaic out of whatever image you upload – check out how cool this site is!)
“I try not to make plans. God always laughs at your plans. I’m going to
keep the door open, and keep the page blank, and see what gets painted
upon it.” – Tom Hiddleston
Making a mosaic of whatever we’re given. And every day, try to just pick up one little scrap, one little leftover piece to bring with us. And that’s how we will turn our lives into the most breathtaking, joy-filled work of art.
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