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Disclaimer: I have been given Fohm as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

I recently had the opportunity to try a product that I am excited write about today. I personally love wet wipes, and thought the brand I was using would suffice. But I just tried Fohm, which is a product for anyone who wants to use flushable wet wipes. The Fohm system produces a sanitizing foam that you can use in combination with any kind of toilet paper. It’s extremely simple – it comes in a (particularly beautiful) package, and it is an automated dispenser, so you aren’t required touch the device to use it. And when you’re done, everything just flushes!I received my Fohm in a beautiful package. The product felt clean, really intriguing, and fresh. It was also very simple to use. It comes with easy to read instructions.Actually, the card says, “A flushable wipe that isn’t full of sh**.” With short gut syndrome after a total gastrectomy, I have an ostomy and surgical fistula that requires me to use the bathroom constantly. Actually…constantly is a massive understatement. This really irritates my skin and that has been a source of ongoing pain. So let’s say that I was more than eager to try anything that might be less abrasive.

How does this work? It’s really simple.

With the USB charger provided, you charge the little pump that comes with it – very beautifully packaged, I must add.

Then, you simply twist off the top of the dispenser, pour in the solution it comes with, which feels very fresh and clean-smelling.
After that, you just screw the top back again -again, very easy.
You press the power button.
The very final step is jus to fold up the toilet paper, and place it under the spout.

There you go. It dispenses automatically.What personally makes me happy about this product is that it is made in the USA and it c help reduce pollution and sewer line issues.
It is non irritating and I find that it is really doing a superb job at protecting my skin.It’s also customizable – the foam solution can be changed to dispense 10 ml or 25 ml. And the solution was extremely sensitive – that’s a huge issue for me.

I can’t recommend this Fohm product enough. It’s good for my skin, for my medical needs – and for the environment. Everyone wins – and what’s better than that?!

What are your thoughts?  Anything you want to ask?  Definitely shoot me an e-mail and I’ll answer what I can, but they also have a greta website to find out more information.  You can check out their website – what’s great is the chat option where you can ask away.
My final thoughts?  If it’s smartly designed, sensitive to my skin, easy to use, and addresses an awkward area gracefully – I mean that in every sense – then it gets a thumbs up from me.  For my chronic medical issues, Fohm was really a breath of fresh air. Please do try it out for yourself!
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