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I made a little crowd-sourcing announcement asking for volunteers, or anyone that was willing to try out a little creative prompts I put together. They are all included here if you are interested! 

They were designed as oral history questions, storytelling opportunities, and writing exercises but I’m actually more interested in having any artists answer this with immediate me a lot of tests to express yourself! So that could be art, spoken word, song, dance, just talking to your camera or your phone, whatever works. Or if the questions bring to mind any stories you can act out or re-enact, tell me about, , make a charade out of, , or just talk into a video and send me – whatever truth comes to mid or skit you wanna make up – go for it – no expectations or judgment here – and you definitely don’t have to do all of the questions – just one is fine!
The prompt is attached – let me know if you have any questions, and also, feel free to be as creative, tangential and metaphorical as you want with the concept! 
I’m also looking for personal stories you can share, or vivid moments that stand out to you and your life that you can relate to. Just show up and speak your truth, free associate, you don’t have to write anything, you can just act out a fun little script, character or prompt you made up. 
So for some context, right now I am dealing with a surgically caused enterocutaneous fistula, but I am trying to create theater based on Oral Histories interviews I’ve conducted not only with patients, doctors, and surgeons, but anyone and everyone who has experienced the definition of a fistula in a literal or metaphorical sense. The definition of a fistula is an abnormal connection or communication breakdown between the inside of us, and the outside. So really think as non-medical as you want. What are some miscommunications you had or unexpected connection between what’s inside of you and what you experience from the outside? When you are done, just email me your prompt at Thanks! 
See more about my personal situation for the fistula here if interested…

The more humor the better!  I created a kind of fun “prompt” about fistulas, But more generally, the idea of the “abnormal passageways” in our lives – which is actually the medical definition of official letter. I’m trying to get a bunch of people with all kinds of backgrounds, medical or nonmedical to fill it out, and the more humor they use, the better!!!, is there anyone that would be willing to fill it out and give it a try?


I’m creating documentary theatre on both the literal and metaphorical concept of fistulas – I have an ostomy, but I’ve also been dealing with a massive small bowel fistula after my 27th surgery 6 years ago and am looking to conduct some oral history interviews with both patients and medical professionals about their thoughts and experiences in and out of the hospital – this can include (and is not limited to!)individuals involved with:
– stem cell research
– transplants
Gastroenterology, any kind of GI or digestive disorders
– surgeons
– wound care nurses
– patients with fistulas
interventional radiology
– nutrition
– medical students
– nutritionists
– anyone involved with, who knows anyone, or familiar with the concept of fistulas at all!

Find the prompt for those dealing with any of these issues or topics relating to fistulas HER



Again, just looking to have a brief chat – you don’t need to be an expert at all, just have thoughts and opinions on your own personal experience – whatever that is! 

If you are a surgeon dealing with any of the above, check out the questions HERE!

Thanks Paul Osincup from the Association of Applied & Therapeutic Humor!

If you have dealt with or are more interested in questions specifically relating to transplants, check out the questions HERE!

AND make sure you save the date for..

PASSAGEWAYS: Songs of Connections, Abnormal and Sublime 
An original song cycle with text and artwork projections, all created by the performer. Music, humor and art, interwoven with autobiographical narrative, as the creativity of the artist becomes an unexpected passageway through profound crisis.  On passageways, there’s no way in, no way out, only through. So why not laugh, dance and paint our way towards the light?

So let me know…WHAT IS THE ABNORMAL PASSAGEWAY IN YOUR LIFE? The unexpected connection? The broken pathway between your inside and the outside world?  What has it led you to? How do you mend it? Would you want to?

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