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I was so excited to have all my excuses taken away from me – yes you heard right! With my health issues, getting lab work done is always a necessity, but the traveling alone can be tiring. Thankfully I just covered a wonderful say that I would love to share with you. offers affordable online lab testing and online bloodwork without the hassle of insurance or a doctor’s visit. Choose from more than 500+ lab tests from categories like allergy testing, cancer antigen lab work, hormone testing, vitamin and nutritional testing and more! Health testing is important to monitor certain conditions and to help aid in making diagnoses.


Everything is explained very well, and was easy to order. There were very clear instructions. , and I  love the idea that I don’t have to go to the doctor, especially since traveling can be so difficult for me at times.   There was excellent service , and I found the entire process so easy to go through!

Going to the doctor can get  very intimidating. You walk into a room filled with individuals who have their own diagnoses to figure out, you wait to be seen, and never know what you’ll expect. Completing this all online took so much pressure off, and I was so surprised at how easy everything was…and so helpful!


Doing all of this was as simple as one, two, three. Literally! First, you order your tests. Then, you visit your local lab. Before you know it, step three is receiving your results. I know that sometimes just the idea of traveling to get everything done intimidates me and is just an excuse to stay home and never get the information I need. This service could not be more appreciated!


So how do you actually get started? You can either search for a test by entering keywords you’re looking for, or you can click from one of the general categories. And if that is still too confusing, a friendly live chat is available where an employee is introduced and is ready to help you at the click of a button.


These are some of the test categories that you can select from:


Allergy Testing
Anemia Testing
Arthritis & Inflammation Tests
Blood Type & Blood Disorders
Cardiac Health & Cholesterol
Celiac Disease Testing
Diabetes Testing
Drug Testing
Fertility Testing
Gastrointestinal Health Tests
General Health & Wellness Testing
Heavy Metals & Toxins
Hepatitis Testing
Hormone Testing
Immunity Detection & Titer Testing
Infectious Disease Testing
Kidney Health Tests
Liver Health Tests
Military Testing
Pregnancy & Prenatal Testing
Sports Testing
STD Testing
Testosterone Testing
Thyroid Tests
Vegan Testing
Vitamin & Nutritional Testing


I chose to try Gastrointestinal Health Tests, as well as Vitamin & Nutritional Testing. After all, dealing with my G.I. issues, and small bowel fistula, I am not sure what I absorb, and keeping up my nutrition is always something I need to monitor. Doing both tests was so easy. The results were extremely helpful, and I was sure to share them with my doctors and surgeons right away.


So what do you do? Once you click on the category, it gives an overview of more specific test that you might be interested in within that category and how they can help. I felt extremely guided through the whole process, and it also helped that a live chat was available if I had any additional questions. For someone who is not so great with technology, this was definitely a welcomed gift!


On, you can order single lab tests or a  comprehensive lab test panels, which they say is their most popular. You can do all this over the phone or online, and you don’t need a doctor’s referral or insurance. You can find the lab closest to you using their Location Finder.
They partner with Quest Diagnostics, so the lab testing available at more than 4,000 locations nationwide. You just have to give the lab your printed lab test confirmation email, and best part?  No waiting, or appointment…or PAPERWORK to fill out.

After 3 days, I received telling me my lab test results were available in my online account. The rest…is between me and my doctors!


So go to Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!


This is a sponsored post.  As always, my opinion is nevertheless 100% my own and completely truthful.  

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