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‘I received this item to review as part of the Chronic Illness Blogger Network’


And…Wow am I happy I did!

I was able to try a wonderful product in the hopes that it could alleviate the chronic pain I often suffer with, and they helped me so much!
I can’t wait to share them with you…

I often struggle with severe pain symptoms from my own miscellaneous list of chronic disorders: Short Gut Syndrome, malabsorption, and the list goes on...CBD Gummies really helped me recently.

Their flavors are delicious and they look like gummy bears, which in itself is adorable.  But most importantly, each CBD gummy bear is richly infused with powerful and effective CBD oil.

What is the benefit of this?  CBD oil is known to help eliminate and reduce symptoms of chronic pain, and even severe disorders.  And for those of us that, after having been through so much, we are especially conscious of what we put into our bodies, especially to deal with chronic pain, these CBD Gummies are made with all with natural flavorings.


Also,  because of my severe amount of this or if she can issues, I often have difficulty is digesting and swallowing whole pills. That is why most of my vitamins and medications are either in gummy or chewable form liquid forms also help which I am aware that this comes in as well! So you can imagine how excited I was to learn all about these wonderful products and be positive effect that they have had for me, and I really feel they can help alleviate the symptoms of pain for a lot of others suffering from severe disorders that standard medication doesn’t always effectively help.

On the Everyday Optimal website, you can learn all about the variety of products you can purchase, and as they promise, “All our gummies are infused with 100% THC free hemp derived CBD (cannabidiol) oil accessible in every state without a prescription.”


Here’s the site to check it out for yourself!


With my ostomy and malabsorption issues, and especially with the fistula I am currently dealing with, pain is all too familiar to me constantly. It’s been so wonderful that something is natural, tastes great, and can really help with my pain.


Also, the gummies come in many different dosage options: 10mg, 15mg, and 25mg per gummy, so if you’ve never tried a product before there is a good way to get started in dosages.  Each bottle contains 30 gummy bears of fun different sweet and sour flavors and colors. Did I mention all natural? Definitely the sweetest part.


Well, here’s the best part. I’m honored to be able to give some products away until June 4th!


If you click on this link, anyone who enters  can win a big bundle of everyday optimal products.
What does that include? Just check out the website to learn all about these products.


You just have to enter through this link, which only asks them to enter via email address
The giveaway ends 4th June.


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