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It was an amazing opportunity to present LEFTOVERS for Moises Kaufman, thanks to Tectonic Theatre Project.

Together, we sorted out the various “threads” of the piece.  

From an innocent voice lesson…

To the night everything happened.

Moises Kaufman is a HUGE inspiration to me.

Doing Moment Work training was a revelation for me, as it has been for so many others.  Healing from my own traumas, I was very inspired by Peter Levine’s Waking the Tiger, which shed light on how I had “froze” once I was sexually abused, and then again after my coma and invasive medical traumas that followed. 

Levine followed animals in the wild, and noted that they can easily discharge their physical energy and immobilize the freeze response, but humans, having a cerebral cortex, tend to overthink and stay stuck with this mental energy that turns to anxiety, and all of this free energy being trapped in our minds. 

This pretty much sums up how I’ve felt as a playwright glued to my laptop! 

I was watching Mr. Kaufman’s interview with the New School and heard him talk about real theatricality – what can theatre accomplish that no other medium truly can? 

And it is in the act of capturing moments, in the fact that anything can happen. 

So I’ll keep going, unpacking these various moments in my play, LEFTOVERS…

Seeing where I can incorporate these threads of abuse, medical trauma, but also the joy of the Passover seder, art, and music…even some original songs…

(How Dare You)

And art…

AND…a truly amazing cast – thank you for this opportunity!

And to a man who has done AMAZING things for the world of theatre.

Check out more pictures from the event!

Leftovers has been through 22 drafts in the past several years, and I’m hoping it can start a conversation for society – not only about how trauma impacts the family in difficult ways, but the wonderful lessons learned and gifts we can reap…

Check out a playlist of LEFTOVERS with clips of the workshop and prior development:

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