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What is a “barrier” in your life? This weekend, some amazing speakers all shared such a wonderfully diverse range of perspectives on this…and “ideas worth spreading!”

Thanks to everyone who attended TEDxFSCJ Breaking Barriers on April 7th, 2018!


Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at my talk, “Reweaving Loss Into Memory: Our Responsibility as Survivors”


Whether we embrace them or break them, build them up or tear them down, barriers exert a tremendous impact on us all.


On Saturday, April 7, 2018, TEDxFSCJ had its fourth annual conference: Barriers. Nine speakers will explore the many, even contradictory elements of barriers—personal and political, natural and artificial, empowering and constraining. 

Here are some highlights, and great pictures of the event.

What does “reweaving loss into legacy” mean to you?

Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.
— Yvonne Woon

Thanks TEDxFSCJ Breaking Barriers for keeping honor and resilience alive!

Want to learn more about the amazing other speakers involved? Read about them here!

Sometimes, we need to experience grief and sadness when we have loss in our lives, and with a bit of patience and presence, that loss can have a lasting, meaningful, and even positive impact on ourselves, our communities, and our world.

It was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.— Abraham Verghese

All sorrows can be born if you put them in a story or tell a story about them. –  Isak Dinesen

Stay tuned  for the video…and you can watch my first two TEDx Talks here!

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