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When Amy asked me to write something personal and symbolic about the sky that was resonant for me and her play it was very simple because the night sky, in particular has always been my physical and spiritual home. As an adopted person, I have been stripped of my rights to know my true identity based on archaic laws in the state where I was born. This painful gaping hole in my personal history forced me to find comfort in anything that could be some particle of fact about how I arrived on this planet. It was the scientific writings about our origins from exploding stars that enabled me as a young person to have a real, and somewhat magical birth story. So for me, the night sky is a place of extraordinary beauty, personal power, ancestry and the primal web that connects us all to each other and the universe. Much like the universal power of story.

So I really understand why the mother in the “The Sky is Blue” finds the blue sky a source of comfort, hope and a strong container to hold her and her daughter as they attempt to “manage” the trauma of sexual abuse. The sky is a source of beauty but also a place where supernovas, mark violent endings of one form to then create life in other forms. Amy’s exploding stomach due to the intense sexual pressure placed upon her as a young girl by her abuser marks a similar violent ending and eventual release of a part of her life. Amy, has used the ending of one part of her life to create new beginnings using her words, her paintings and her live performances to heal herself and other survivors of this sadly widespread universal crime. I have been very fortunate to be a part of the telling of her true story with an extraordinary cast of talented, generous, collaborative and openhearted actors who gave so much time and energy to explore many creative possibilities and show the ripple effect that sexual trauma has on a person, their family, their friends and beyond as they find ways to heal.

Thank you,
Mary Catherine
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