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Life After a Spinal Injury: What Next?

According to the population census of 2016, there are 65.64 million people living in the United Kingdom alone, 40,000 of the population of them afflicted with spinal injuries. A spinal injury, regardless of its degree of severity, is life-changing.

Many of the spinal injuries here in the UK are due to falls. In fact, according to the 2015 census, spinal injuries due to falls were estimated to be responsible for a total of 41.7% of all spinal injuries. It costs the NHS an estimated £5,540 per patient in the case of spinal injuries. The injury can vary greatly depending on the location of the damage to the spinal cord. It can manifest anywhere from the lumbosacral level right to the cervical level and the severity can be temporary or even permanent.

Some spinal injuries include complete loss of motor control and, therefore, complete loss of continence, which can leave the patient completely overwhelmed and at a life-altering stage in their lives. Jobs are lost, families are destroyed, and a spinal injury can cause complete and absolute destruction in the patient’s life. Even minor spinal injuries have life-changing effects and even though they can be healed and mended with time, they have a lasting mental and emotional effect on the patient. To come to terms with the injury, many patients who suffer a spinal injury are assigned a psychologist or psychiatrist to assist in the mental adjustment to their new way of living.

Medical Negligence and Spinal Cord Injuries

Even though many of the spinal related injuries are caused by personal accidents or incidents that occur outside of the medical institution, many of these injuries’ severity could have been greatly minimised if it was not for medical negligence. Sadly, most of the medical negligence cases regarding spinal injuries result in a lifelong case where the patient needs to relocate and readjust their entire lives, being subject to loss of sexual function, bowel and bladder control, loss of fertility, and a vast array of skin problems, which are the result of different pressure points being injured.

In the UK alone, medical negligence amounts to a phenomenal £1.1 billion cost in claims, many of which are due to spinal cord-related injuries. There is help though, and medical negligence solicitors take each case with extreme care and consideration, ensuring that victims of medical malpractice are at least more than adequately compensated for their loss.

A Victim of Medical Malpractice

If you have been a victim of medical malpractice it is imperative that you immediately consult The Medical Negligence Experts. A claim only has a lifespan of up to three years after the incident occurred and the longer you wait to report or take action, the bigger the chances that your claim’s legal lifespan will be null and void.

Once you have contacted your medical negligence solicitor and they have accepted your claim as having a 60% or above chance of success inside or outside the court of law, you have the option to take the ‘No Win, No Fee’ medical negligence option. This policy practiced by only the best medical negligence lawyers in the UK and it means that there really is no risk to your pocket. Only after a compensation agreement has been signed and sealed as a ‘full and final’ compensation agreement will your medical negligence solicitor take their, up to 25%, cut.

No Win, No Fee

It is very rare that you will make more than 85% of your compensation agreement if you pay the legal fees yourself or through insurance. The ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy protects you and ensures that you do not lose even more than you have already paid. Many people who have been victims of severe traumatic incidents involving medical malpractice have chosen to carry their own legal fees as well as the battles themselves. Less than 5% have ever seen the light of a compensation agreement, which covered their costs as well as the costs of their injuries and more.

The sound legal advice obtained by consulting a medical negligence solicitor is well worth the visit. The legal battles in the UK when dealing with medical malpractice alone is not something the layman is prepared for and it is only the best lawyers and legal staff that is used in this sector.

Your life, if already altered, however drastically by a spinal injury, should not be altered anymore negatively at all. You deserve to be compensated for the injuries incurred and you deserve the best medical negligence solicitors in the UK. You don’t need money at all and it is simply making the decision to take the incident and make the responsible medically negligent practitioners pay for the harm, destruction, and emotional scarring that they have directly caused. Make sure that you make the right decision to do what is in your best interest.

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