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10 Perfect Times to Send Flowers

Did you know that people have been using flowers symbolically for centuries? Floriography, or the language of flowers, began thousands of years ago when people started using floral bouquets to send secretive messages to loved ones. Today’s language of flowers is not nearly as secretive, but the practice of sending loved ones’ flowers is not antiquated. Instead, this is one of the few gift-giving traditions that is still practiced and appreciated by the recipient.

In our modern world, it is easier than ever to send someone you care about a beautiful bouquet of flowers. For example, with the click of a button, you can find a Barcelona florist and send flowers to your loved one in Spain. No matter the occasion, you can show your family and friends that they are on your mind with the gift of flowers. If you are looking for ways to show how you feel, here are ten perfect times to show you care with flowers:

  1. When celebrating an anniversary

Anniversaries are one of the most common times to give flowers. A husband will often present his wife with a lovely bouquet on their wedding anniversary. There are even specific anniversary flowers to mark each anniversary like carnations for the first anniversary and daffodils for the tenth anniversary.

  1. When wishing someone happy birthday

If you cannot be with the birthday girl (or guy), sending a floral arrangement is a wonderful way to make their special day even better. This is especially meaningful on milestone birthdays.

  1. When extending congratulations

Flowers are also great ways to extend congratulations to individuals when something exciting happens. For instance, you may choose to send flowers to a friend who has received a work promotion or a family member who has moved into a new home.

  1. When sending well wishes

Nothing cheers up a dreary hospital room or sick bed than a bright bouquet of flowers. If you have a loved one who is sick or has had surgery, flowers are a traditional way to send a “get well” message.

  1. When feeling hopeful

While the idea of bringing flowers on the first date is considered outdated, many men still like to send flowers after a successful first date. This is just one example where flowers are used when the giver is feeling hopeful and hoping to express this feeling to the recipient.

  1. When seeking forgiveness

Flowers are a popular way to acknowledge one’s wrongdoing and seek forgiveness. We have all heard of someone who has sent their significant other flowers after a fight… Guess what? Sometimes the flowers work!

  1. When expressing sorrow

Depending on the religion, it is generally appropriate to send flowers in sympathy. Floral arrangements are often used in funerals. If you are unsure whether flowers are symbolic for sympathy in the deceased’s culture, you can refer to the etiquette of flowers.

  1. When you are feeling festive

Holidays are also great times to send flowers – especially if you cannot celebrate the holiday with your loved one. For instance, 65% of consumers send flowers on Mother’s Day to honor the holiday.

  1. When welcoming a baby

Many people welcome new babies entering the world by sending the parents and the new baby a simple bouquet of flowers. Many of these floral arrangements can be designed based on gender as well.

  1. When you are thinking of someone

Finally, flowers are the perfect way to let people know you are thinking of them. You can always send flowers “just because.” This gift is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

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