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Stories are a bridge – an active way to engage with History and with ourselves.

How can we actively experience the past in a way that is helpful- not to relive it, but to rethink it and revise it, and use it as a bridge to transformation?

The benefit of bringing out family narratives: we face trauma as a society rather this as individuals. Healing can’t happen in a vacuum. It happens through community, through the learning from others – especially those who have been there before. Storytelling brings the universal narrative to healing, and makes the lessons we must learn and the resilience we must cultivate more apparent. We find greater “truth” from story that can ACTIVELY help us, rather than from a history book – or psychology book!

Stories are a bridge. And it can start with family. It can start with us.

We are part of it, we add to this bridge ourselves, we continue to weave the tapestry with our own stories. Yet, the legacy go beyond blood relatives. When we share with others, this add threads to their stories. So, by uncovering stories we finding strength, resilience- discovering a world becomes a world that we can actively shape and transform.


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