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3 Office Competition Ideas to Foster Innovative and Creative Thinking

Among the most sought-after skills in many companies these days are those that involve innovation and creativity. These drive new ideas, allowing the business to grow and improve. Hence, cultivating an office culture that fosters innovative and creative thinking is the way to go. There are several ways you can do this and one of these is by having office competitions that are designed to bring out innovation and creativity in your team and develop innovation management skills. Here are a few ones you can try:

  • Challenge Competition. If your team or company is currently facing a specific issue or problem that needs to be solved, having a challenge competition will churn out potential solutions. Simply set a challenge question or goal and criteria. Be as specific as you can with what you want the competitors to achieve. Answer all possible, what, when, where, how, and why related to your challenge. Can your employees form teams or is it for individual competitors only? Also, offer a very enticing prize for the winning entry.
  • Shark Tank. There is a reality TV series called Shark Tank where budding entrepreneurs present their ideas to five big, powerful industry giants – the ‘sharks’. The goal is to convince any of the sharks to invest in their idea. You may hold a similar type of competition for your employees. You can even use the Planbox Shark Tank Competition. Having an outside entity handle your company’s shark tank competition will help keep it impartial and fair.
  • Weekly Grant. An office competition doesn’t have to be a big affair for it to encourage innovation and creativity. Something as simple as setting up a weekly grant for the best ideas can be very helpful. Set an amount, say $100, weekly and ask your team members to submit their ideas for what the $100 would be best spent on. Decide on what ideas will be accepted. The criteria may be that the idea submitted should address or solve a current problem that the team is facing or it should be for a new product or process.
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