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If you are new to the world of vaping, you have probably never heard of dabbing before.  Even some of you that do vape may have never learned about what it is. Today, we are going to learn what CBD dabbing is and why so many people are trying it.  Dabbing is a growing trend that is popular with both younger adults and older vapers as well. 

What Is CBD Dabbing?

You have probably seen the explosion of the medical cannabis industry in the United States.  Now some states are even allowing recreational use of cannabis, and the vaping industry has taken notice by developing dabbing. 

Dabbing is basically vaporizing cannabis concentrates in the form of wax.  This highly effective delivery system for THC is often preferred over the traditional way of smoking cannabis.  Naturally, people are using it to deliver CBD or non-psychoactive hemp wax.  This pure form of CBD wax is used to help those suffering from many different medical conditions.  The purpose of CBD dabbing is not to get high.  In fact, you can vape all day without ever catching a buzz.  This form of dabbing has many medical benefits. 

Not only are people using wax for dabbing, they also have the choice of using crystals and shatter as well.  This gives them more options and a different experience with each type of CBD product.  Having more options means that the quality of life can improve for many that had lost hope in the past.  Now with the help of many states, CBD products are on the shelf and can be purchased legally. Vaping360 posted a guide on the best CBD crystals, dabs and wax you should try in 2017 that may be worth reading if you’re curious as to what’s out there.

Many People Are Dabbing for Their Health

As you have already learned above, CBD dabbing can really help those who suffer from medical conditions.  People who have insomnia, back pain, and other ailments can get relief from their symptoms without the need to take pills.  Many doctors that are familiar with CBD products and their powerful health properties are now starting to encourage their patients to use them.  While the federal government has yet to get on board, many states in the union have.  This is really good news to those suffering from debilitating conditions. Non-psychoactive hemp products have a future in modern medicine and it’s not going away anytime soon.  There is a new industry that is being built around CBD products and the future looks bright.  Many people are investing in these companies and they are producing some very impressive products that are actually helping people to feel better. 

Less Expense and Less Side Effects

Many people that CBD dab do so because it has less side effects than traditional medications.  If you have ever watched a medication being advertised on TV to the end, you have probably been shocked by all the harmful side effects that come along with it.  These side effects are really changing people’s lives for the worse.  Some side effects from pills have even cost people there lives!  That’s why so many choose to go with CBD dabbing because the side effects are much less.  In fact, many people have no side effects at all. 

Another reason why people are dabbing instead of popping pills is the price.  If you don’t have insurance in the US, buying medication out of pocket can cost you thousands of dollars a month.  People also enjoy vaping over taking ingestible CBD products because it seems to work faster for some.  These are just a few reasons people are now dabbing and the choice is really up to the individual.  But if you would like to try dabbing for your medical condition, you can get into it without spending a ton of money.  Vaping kits are affordable and you can find one that will fit your needs. 

If you suffer from a medical condition and you hate taking those prescriptions drugs that have tons of side effects, CBD dabbing might be an alternative for you.  These CBD products have a lot to offer and they are often approved for medical use.  Unlike smoking, CBD vaping is better for your health.  So if you or someone you love suffers from a chronic illness, why not consider CBD dabbing?  But before you do, make sure that you speak with a qualified cannabis medical professional first. 

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