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I had a great time performing Gutless and Grateful at Firehouse Arts Center.  Newburyport, MA is a beautiful town!

And Firehouse Arts Center is a beautiful theatre. For six years, GUTLESS AND GRATEFUL has toured the country, and every performance, I feel blessed to meet amazing theatregoers, artists…and humans!

Me with the incredibly sweet ushers!

Theatre comes down to amazing storytelling, and Amy Oestreicher has an astounding story to tell.” -Broadway World

Check out a Gutless Press kit! Amy Oestreicher was an ambitious, audacious teenager who had her life all planned out: go to college, win a Tony, and conquer the world. But life took an unexpected detour when the week before her high school senior prom, she found herself in unusual pain. She was rushed to the emergency room, and due to a blood clot, Amy’s stomach exploded to the ceiling of the operating room. After both lungs collapsed, she almost died.

Months later, she awoke from a coma covered in tubes, bags, and drains, and was told that she had no stomach anymore, she could not eat or drink, and it was not certain if or when she would ever taste one bite ever again. It took 27 surgeries and over three years, but eventually, Amy was miraculously reconstructed, and with the intestines she had left, was given a system that digests food.

With my usual standing desk routine, I am finishing up editing My Beautiful Detour, my upcoming book…

Here’s a little playlist from clips of the show – yes, I was battling a fever and laryngitis the entire time, but as they say, the show must go on!

Firehouse Arts Center is a beautiful theatre…but I wasn’t feeling so great- still getting over the flu, but the show must go on, and the audience was fabulous!

I couldn’t be prouder to perform this show about the power of the human spirit at such a special theatre – I would love for you to donate to this amazing place here. And check out a show there!

Gutless & Grateful is the one-woman musical autobiography of Amy Oestreicher, taking the audience on a journey of hope, resilience and gratitude. An inspiring story of survival and determination, Gutless & Grateful is ideal for audiences of all ages.

Check out some more highlights from an amazing day trip here!

Here’s a video from after the show – I was EXHAUSTED…but it was SOO worth it!


Can’t wait to perform Gutless and Grateful next! Check out where I’ve been over the past six years…and check out where I’ll be next!

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