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On February 25th, 2017, I gave my 2nd TEDx Talk on how I healed from trauma, through turning myself into Tigerlilly, the warrior, using my “Four Hard Core Skills to Resilience” that I created from my roadmap….the archetypal hero’s journey.  

See my first TEDx Talk here. I gave my “Detour” TEDx Talk at TEDx Syracuse in April 2016.


And learn all about my second TEDx Talk at Virginia Commonwealth University, where the theme was Patterns.

  • See more of my art here.
  • Read how Theatre Saved my Life for Backstage.
  • I gave two TEDx Talks in less than a year – you can download a free guide to getting a TEDx Talk at and also check out my first TEDx Talk!
  • In the works...this talk is inspiring my latest multidisciplinary play in development, “Trust/In-Development,” a performance with elements of magical realism and fantasy, exploring healing from trauma through the archetypal hero’s journey…

Learn more about the “Four Hard Core Skills to Resilience” – take a workshop!


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