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Europe has so much to offer that making a choice of where to go for your next trip can be difficult. With lots of cultures spread across the continent, you can be sure that you will be able to find what you want. We drew up a list of some of the best locations to pay a visit.

Zadar, Croatia

The city of Zadar in Croatia has won the acclaim of the world for its beauty and serenity. It has one of the best musical organs in the world. The organ plays marvelous tunes with the movement of waves. The rest of the city has lots to see from villas to the sunlight.

London, England

London has a history going back many years as it has been the seat of power for several centuries. Castles and ancient temples can be seen on walking tours of London and its neighboring areas.

Athens, Greece

The Greek city of Athens goes as far back as 3,500 according to recorded history. The buildings can be seen to say exactly that with their ancient designs dotting the skyline. It is also one of the cheapest cities you can tour in Europe.

Nantes, France

Nantes boasts of many temples and other architectural pieces from the medieval times. It stands as one of the best cities in Europe owing to the amount of renovations done to it. Most old buildings have been restored to their former glory with modern designs making them the most unique you can find in Europe.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On your tour of Europe, make sure you pay Plovdiv a visit since it has so much to offer. It is the 6th oldest city in the world and is set to be the cultural center of Europe come 2019. Its history speaks for itself as seen from the buildings, the food and the people.

Azores, Portugal

The Azore Islands include Flores, Corvo, Faial, Pico Sao Jorge, Graciosa, Terceira, Said Miguel and Santa Maria islands. While they are close to each other, each island is unique in its own way in terms of the culture, the people and the fun activities you can do here.

Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad is one of the most unique cities in Europe and the world at large. The center of the city is ultramodern while its outskirts are very rural. After a great time in the city, you won’t need to travel long to find peace and tranquility.

Paris, France

Paris is so filled with love that it is often said that, when here with your girlfriend, you should refrain from tying your shoelaces as she will think you are proposing to her. From the Eiffel Tower to The Louvre museum, the jewels in Paris never run out. This museum has works of art from legends such as Leonardo da Vinci and others. The original Mona Lisa by da Vinci is here.

Brussels, Belgium

One thing you can never miss when you land in Brussels is the color. Its culture is based on a heritage spanning many centuries back. While it seems laid back and taking it easy, you can never run out of things to do in Brussels. It is always lively whether during the day or night. You also never feel out of place since there are always visitors paying the city a visit no matter the season.

Kotor, Montenegro

This little city has a lot of art, history and culture to its name. It features art from my different eras including Roman mosaics that grade the buildings. If you love old churches, you can be sure that Kotor will satisfy the artist in you as it has temples and churches all over.

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