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Has your life taken a curve in the road?

On every Why Not Wednesday weekly feature, I feature a new Detourist every week…(are YOU a Detourist?)

I’m sure your life has taken a detour here and there – we all have detours.  So learn how to share your own detour story here!  What’s a Detourist? Find out in my TEDx Talk.  Or…let Linda tell you about her Detour!



My name is Linda and I am a Detourist. Since I am in the middle of my 71st year on the planet, you can guess that I have had a few detours along the way. The one I want to tell you about today is a repeat detour. I have been down this curvy road before.

At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. My spine curves to the right between my shoulder blades. I didn’t require surgery or a brace, as many young girls do. Just keep an eye on it, the doctor told my parents. She probably won’t have any problems until she get older. No problem, right? Who thinks about getting older at 14?

But lucky for me, I did get older. My first attack of debilitating back pain occurred in my mid-twenties. I spent almost two weeks in bed and missed out on whatever was on my schedule at the time. By now, I’ve forgotten what that was. My latest occurred two days ago. I spent a couple of hours on the floor. And I’m missing out on a bus trip with my girlfriends, my volunteer work at the historic Pearl Buck House, and a visit to my son in New York tomorrow. But what my little detour has done for my life is this:

I have to stop and be in the moment. No thoughts of what to wear tomorrow. It’s all I can do to change my underwear and t-shirt.

I appreciate what is only temporary. Yes, this pain sucks, but in a few days, it will be nearly gone. Unlike friends with chronic illness, I know I’ll be out and about soon.

I am (still) learning to listen to my body. Ignoring the little twinges all week, and trying to right a fallen shelf, got me here again, on this little detour in my schedule. I hate it, but I needed this. I found back exercises that really work and I am doing them mindfully, breathing into my tight muscles, willing them to relax and accept the blood and oxygen coursing through.

I wish I didn’t have to take these detours from time to time. I wish I could sail through life without them. But I know it’s a good thing they happen. I am healing and I know I am getting stronger every day.

And that’s why I #LoveMyDetour.


So, now it’s your turn!

Are you a Detourist?
Yep – you totally are!  How can you share your detour?

Safe travels, Detourists!

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