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Thanks to everyone who came to see Gutless & Grateful at Feinstein’s/54 Below!  Check out an entire album of photos here.

Gutless and Grateful is the one-woman musical I wrote about my stomach literally exploding. I promise it’s a bit more fun to watch than that. Actually, watch my TEDx Talk for the lowdown.

Here’s a Little Sneak Peak of Tech Rehearsal that afternoon:

And then after hearing the soaring voice of Linda Eder for the 7pm show…

Here’s a playlist with snippets from Gutless and Grateful at 54 Below!

Here are some of my favorite pictures and performance highlights from the night:

I wrote a few articles leading up to my Feinstein’s/54 Below debut.  Check them out!

For Huffington Post: Who’s Crazier? Me for Singing About a Coma at NY’s 54 Below, or NBC’s Today Show for Writing It?

Are you near New York on June 30th? Maybe you can tell me if I’m completely insane.

“Oh yeah? What’s it about?”

“Uh…[panics] watch my TEDx Talk? [hands out postcard, runs in other direction]

I’ve been having the hardest time trying to explain exactly what I’ll be singing about at New York’s most famous supper club on June 30th.

Read the rest of the Huffington Post article here.

For BroadwayWorld: A Four-Part Series:  
These are the first two installments of a four-part series I wrote for BroadwayWorld’s very first “Putting It Together” feature, all about the six-year journey of Gutless and Grateful.
Hope you enjoy Part One and Two – Stay tuned for Parts Three and Four!

This post is part of PUTTING IT TOGETHER, a new monthly series of narratives from artists putting together cabaret shows in New York. Each edition will be written (or told to BroadwayWorld) by the show’s creator, and consists of three to four parts about the show’s conception, creative process, and execution.

Other Gutless & Grateful at 54 Below Features

Learn More About Gutless & Grateful

So What’s Next?

I never would have thought that a bunch of old journal entries from hospitals would turn into a show that I’d talk about on TEDx and take across the country. Now THAT’s a beautiful detour.

Stay tuned for some upcoming creative projects – new plays, musicals, one-acts, art shows and performances all being shaped by the beautiful detours I try to celebrate every day through the wonders of creativity.  See my PLAYWRIGHT page for details!


And the best part about creativity?


That’s something to be Grateful for! (No Guts Required.)

IN the works...a collaboration on Flicker and a Firestarter with Playlight Theatre Company…

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