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                             Empower Yourself Through Your Memories

I’m honored to be one the inspiring stories of people who overcame tough times and are now thriving. It contains exercises for you to learn to empower yourself and move ahead in your life with confidence, happiness, and success using memories that you thought would stop you from moving ahead in your life.
Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, and therapists will find this book an excellent source for helping their patients.

The exercises have helped countless clients of best-selling author Frank Healy’s, and it is a must read for any patient or client who suffers from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depression, Dysthymia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Panic Disorder. Any client who is fixated on a past traumatic experience will benefit from the simple and easy to follow exercises.

     Have you ever felt that something in your past made you unhappy for a long time? Do you have a memory that still affects you in a negative way today? Maybe you had a bad semester in college and you lost your confidence? Maybe a romantic breakup made you feel that you will never marry?

     Most of us have had a memory that made life seem that it was not as good as before. Past abuse left you feeling depressed, anxious, or angry all the time.

     What most people do not realize is the there is a good side to traumatic memories. You can become stronger when you weather abuse, illness, or opposition to your goals.

     The book “Empower Yourself Through Your Memories” features true stories of people. They overcame the effects of traumas in their lives. The traumas they faced include school bullying. It includes workplace bullying. I interviewed a man who was homeless for a month. It includes two people who faced opposition to career advancement. A  man who faced abuse in the home from a father with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Two women who had been raped. A lady who was expelled from school. A lady who faced the death of her spouse at a young age, and debilitating illnesses.

      The debilitating illnesses include a lady whose stomach burst when she was 18. A woman who faced stage four cancer which she recovered from.  and people who faced other illnesses that the doctors gave little or no chance of recovery.

       Every one of the people featured is now is thriving and successful. They all found ways to overcome the past and move on to a successful present. They refused to give up and become depressed and not function. Instead, they used their past to become stronger people. Many of them used the memories to define their careers and their life calling.

       The book inspires you to think that if they can do it I can do it. If you have had similar things happen to you or bad memories that were not quite as hard then you can think that you can overcome the past as well. Many of the true stories include exercises that the reader can to change how they think about their past and what they can do to be strong in the future.

       When you think about it, you can view anything that has happened in any way you choose. From an early age, we learn to be sad when someone dies. We learn to pity ourselves when we get sick or do not get something that we worked for. Often the teaching is by example. People feel sorry for us when we get sick or when we did not get the promotion at work or lose our job.

        People who do this mean well. , they teach us to assume that life is bad. I am not saying that it is wrong to feel sad, anxious, or angry in situations, but it is not the only option we have. You can choose to see a challenge you have in your life as an opportunity to grow. Whether it is something going on currently in your life or whether it’s a memory that you can’t seem to get past. You can use the memory to empower yourself instead of letting the memory debilitate you.

    “Empower Yourself Through Your Memories” is the third in my series of books “Heal Your Memories”. If you are not familiar with the other books. I wrote “Heal Your Memories, Change Your Life” and “The Ultimate Guide to Healing Your Past”. These books teach you to let go of the feelings from past bad memories even if you can’t let go of the memory itself. “Empower Yourself Through Your Memories” takes it a step further. The book teaches you to become stronger and use your past as a building block for your present and future.

     If you wonder if I had a traumatic memory that inspired me to write these books, my story is unique. I have a condition called “Hyperthymesia”. I remember every day of my life since I was six years old, I am now 57. My memory includes the day of the week, the weather, news events, and personal events. I went to the University of California and They studied my memory. I have been featured on many radio and television shows.

     When people first hear about my memory their first reaction is that it is a great thing. Sure, it is great that I remember all the fun and all the success I have had in my life. Yet I also remember every romantic breakup, everything that did not work out, and every social slight. I had to learn to heal my own past. Since I can’t forget the episodes of every day in my life. I can let go of the bad feelings while retaining the good ones.

      I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Coach. I have helped hundreds and maybe thousands of people heal the feelings from their past and move on to happy and successful lives. The techniques you will learn in this book will help you become a stronger and more successful person. Instead of being the victim you can be the victor.


Frank Healy


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