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It was an honor speaking with Michelle Hurst, from Season One of Orange is the New Black, at the Legacy Show this year.

And it’s even more thrilling watch every season of “Orange…”

Aisterhood, corruption, resourcefulness, karma…there’s always something to be inspired by and some kind of lesson to learn. And it’s just plain addicting.  

But wait, there are so many insights in every episode…that it was hard to share just 10. But these are ten HUGE lessons I’ve learned from Orange is the New Black:

1. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and whatever you have, work with what you’ve got.

For example – this was a picture from my last TEDx Talk – I as talking about how in the hospital after my 27th surgery, all I had to pass the time was paper and pen…so I made a gratitude list.

You’ve heard not to judge a book by its cover. Now watch the living (or screening) proof.

3. Be you…whatever, whenever however that is.

4. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

That would be the definition of resilience, right? Have yo been surprised by the great comebacks on thow show?

5. What’s your story? Because we all have a story worth sharing.
The range of stories on this show is amazing. And what I love the most is being so surprised that everyone has a story to tell. And that’s true to life too. So never assume. Wait for people to tell yo their own story. Or…just ask them.

6. What goes around comes around.

Just watch this show for the perfect definition of karma.

7. Accept your past.
(So you can move through it…and possibly help others do the same.)

8. Friends are the best kind of relationships.
Did you see my TEDx Talk? Yeah, I’m divorced now. But friends, family…they’ll always be around. And you know the best kind of friend? YOURSELF. And…the people who have always been in your court. Like my dad!

9. Remember what you’re grateful for.
It’s the simple things, remember? And my one-woman musical, Gutless & Grateful is definitely not the only example of that. (ALTHOUGH you can imagine what it was like having my first sip of water in years…)

10. Be resourceful.
Yep, prison can degfinitely teach you that. But so can life! So can survival…and so can the not so serious (but very important) things…like ART.

As an artist, stories, leftovers and scraps are my life force. I’m a scavenger, telling stories through mixed media art, movement, music, and text to make reimagined meaning from catastrophe. I’m a “Detourist,” embracing unexpected routes as opportunities for creative growth.

Through transforming our struggles into art, we create our own unique masterpiece, cultivating a bold, new identity that is uniquely ours. By creating, we can discover our own flower from any detour. We can make orange the new black – or pink, or red, or yellow, or green, or blue. Hell, we can make a rainbow.

What lessons have you learned from Netflix today? Or anywhere…remember…

Lessons are all around 🙂

 It was an honor to share my “Alone” Story at ALONE IS THE NEW BLACK! Alone has…never felt so great!

So…why is Alone The New Black?

Your friends are all coupled and you’ve run out of shows to binge watch on Netflix. It’s time to cope with your alone-ness.

The show is centered around hilarious and humbling personal stories as told by the star-studded lineup. Michael Ian Cedar hosts Alone is The New Black, on Monday, March 6th. Invite your friends and buy your tickets in advance. Cozy up at LPR with some cocktails and good eats while you watch the show because being alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.

Other Special Guests included Orange is The New Black actress, Michelle Hurst; Founder and behavioral specialist at Behavior + Beyond Dr. Marcie Beigel; and longtime Legacy Show friend and photographer of NY Times bestseller Dancers Among Us, Jordan Matter.

It was an honor to share my story and experiences at The Legacy Show in March! 

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