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Six family members, one factory and an incalculable legacy. 

Factory Treasure is a collective confrontation of how we view our past and what we choose to do with it.

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A New Play by Amy Oestreicher

Directed by Amanda Connors

  • July 20, 2017 @ 9PM
  • July 22, 2017 @ 1PM – Sat.
  • July 23,  2017 @ 6PM – Sun.
When a once-vibrant sewing corporation is sold to developers, and a box of faded fabrics are repurposed to Lower East Side hipster boutiques, the battle to preserve an immigrant legacy threatens to tear apart a family with opposing views of “posterity.”

All Shows at the Hudson Guild Theater (441 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001)

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Read synopsis and character breakdown here.


Mark, Marilyn and Steve have arranged to meet Betsy at her grandfather’s abandoned factory to break the news: after collecting dust for decades, the defunct MYRA corporation will finally be sold to a developer and turned into condominiums.  Betsy is devastated by the news, and struggles for a way to save it.   What decision will be the most honorable way to keep her grandparents’ legacy alive?  What is the most honorable decision for their future as a family and as a community?


Jessie and Sam are sisters carrying a resilient legacy.  As they sort through boxes of fabric in the basement of their apartment complex on the Lower East Side, unbeknownst to their mother, they hope to find old material for Halloween costumes, and come away with a treasure far greater. When discovering an antique needle pinned in a patch of cloth, they realize that these boxes belong to their grandmother, a holocaust survivor who came to the Lower East Side after the war, and with her husband, started one of the most successful sewing corporations in the Garment District.  The sisters’ disagreement of whether to preserve the fabrics as they are, or to cut them apart into something different, becomes a conflict of philosophies.  What will allow their grandparents’ memories to flourish?  Is a legacy more valuable once it’s broken apart and repurposed, or kept as is?  As the Lower East Side has reinvigorated itself with new life as a thriving district with a bold, new identity, JESSIE and SAM search for the best way to keep their Grandparents’ story alive and vital.  How do we put our own meaning together?  How do we re-member the pieces of our lives and honor those who came before us?

See Factory Treasure in the Thespis Theatre Festival this summer!

“There is no question why Summerfest has taken the world of playwriting and musical  festivals by storm, becoming one of the largest festival in the country in just 5 years.”

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