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 April has been a wonderful month of sexual assault awareness, and I couldn’t be prouder to tour my program to Clark University Tanner such an important cause. After my shower, I had a great talk back with the title nine coordinator, all about the freeze response , And how important it is for everyone to understand what happen when I survivor is the sausage. I will never forget the feeling of numbness and I couldn’t shake off for years, until I finally was able to express what I have been through. That’s the whole message behind got listing grateful, and we can all making a difference on campuses and communities worldwide if we just open our hearts and years, and listen.

 I had an amazing time with though wonderful students at CLARK University, performing Gutless and Grateful!

Thanks to the incredible Co-Sponsors at Clark University who brought me to campus!

*Diversability (contact is Adam Kosakowski,

*Visual and Performing Arts (contact is Gino DiIorio,

*Office of Diversity and Inclusion (contact is Sheree Marlowe, (508) 793 7350

*Undergraduate Student Council (contact is Allie Shilling,

*Clark University Players’ Society (

*Undergraduate Psychology Committee (

*Title IX Office (Contact is Lynn Levey,

*Dean of Students Office (

*Dean of College Office (contact is Kim Fisher,, 508-793-7671)

*TOPICS (contact is Naomi Shmueli,


Clark University welcomes singer, actress, playwright, survivor, and HuffPost contributor for a performance of her one-woman musical, Gutless and Grateful.

Special thanks to Diversability, Visual and Performing Arts (V &PA), Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), Undergraduate Student Council, Clark University Players’ Society (CUPS), the Undergraduate Psychology Committee (UPC), Title IX Office, Dean of Students Office (DOS), Dean of the College Office, and TOPICS.

Are you interested in booking for next year? It’s been a blast trying to show the country. And it’s been incredible making a difference! Check out some audience testimonials or some professional references, and send me a note!

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