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I can’t wait for the premiere of my full-length play, Factory Treasures, this July at the Thespis Theatre Festival in New York, but I need your help!  Scroll down for the full images…what poster art is your favorite?


MYRA Corporation is an abandoned sewing factory, where a family now grapples with the best way to honor the legacy of the holocaust survivors who literally built an enterprise from scratch. Read synopsis and character breakdown for both here.

The play is based on my grandparents, Irving and Hannah Stochel, and the real factory where they sewed the most beautiful garments that my mother still fondly recalls.


I need your help!

Every good play needs good poster art!  I’ve created three different poster ideas using my own original mixed media art.  Hurry – I’ve gotta make a decision soon!  Which of these posters do YOU think is the “FACTORY TREASURE?”

Factory Treasures explores our connection to those before us, and what that legacy entails for the generations that follow.  When our blood relative has endured a world that is truly unfathomable, what do we do with their legacy, when they have made such good from atrocity?  Do we keep up with changing times at the risk of forgetting?

And all it takes is a piece of fabric in a defunct factory for the questions to start. Maybe that is why, in Part One, Betsy’s parents have kept a financial secret from her as long as the could, or why, in Part Two, the mother of two vivacious teenagers keeps these boxes of fabrics hidden in a tenement basement.  Although prosperity may very well be an auspicious state resulting from favorable outcomes, what that “state” specifically entails depends on how you view keeping a memory alive.  Sometimes, honoring the struggles that came before us is too much to bear.  Sometimes, Factory Treasures are too difficult to take out of their boxes.

Six family members, one factory and an incalculable legacy.  Whether the two families are related, or perhaps even the same individuals is a mystery.   Hannah Stochel’s fabrics are the patches of all of our pasts, and as a society, we must work to create a tapestry for the future we wish to pass on to our own children.  Factory Treasures is a collective confrontation of how we view our history, and what we choose to do with it.

SO…which poster is it gonna be?  Help us decide!

You can learn a bit more about my grandmother in my essay: and read the inspiration behind the story here:


Factory Treasures will be directed by Amanda Connors.  (I’ll be acting in it as well!)  The production will be presented at the New York Thespis Theatre Festival at the Hudson Guild Theater, at 441 W. 26 St.(between 9th and 10th Avenues) In the center of Manhattan.
Catch the performances this summer!
  • July 20 @ 9pm – Thursday
  • July 22 @ 1 pm – Saturday
  • July 23 @ 5pm – Sunday

PS:  This play has nothing to do with FIBERS, the solo performance piece currently workshopping based on  oral history interviews I conducted with my relatives about my grandmother’s survival through Auschwitz.  My grandparents are just that amazing that they deserve (at least) two plays! 



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