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Performing Gutless and Grateful in Arizona showed me that Prevention is possible….with HOPE.

What a week!  First, I got to see some wonderful Arizona sights…

And then was the keynote speaker for Take Back the Night in South Tucson, AZ – learn all about what made the night truly unforgettable here: 

People All Over the World Just “Took Back the Night.” You can too.

And then I got to perform Gutless & Grateful at Pima Community College – the most beautiful venue I could ever ask for!

“I thoroughly enjoyed your musical! Wow! What a treat! Your voice had such incredible and powerful range! And your emotions were right there when you sang and spoke. I’ve been privileged to be entertained. I appreciate your courage in sharing your story, including about the voice teacher who sexually assaulted you. There were some moments when I got teary, and you inserted humor in exactly the right places.
I’m letting my friends know to check out your online presence. Thank you, Amy! I hope there can be help for your health situation. You are a gem! Hugs, Lola”

It was a great night.  I have a few videos clips to share…including:

What was the most meaningful part? A talkback with the audience, where I got to share a bit of how creating theater help me heal after sexual abuse. It was an honor to share the stage with the Esperanza dance project, who is using Dance to honor these important stories that must be shared.

Esperenza Dance Company has created a series of five dances which show the complete emotional arc of healing from this kind of Trauma. It was such a privilege to share such a powerful night with the Arizona community!

I couldn’t be prouder to perform my shell for sexual assault awareness month, and meet some other really incredible advocate. It’s true, using art is the biggest way we can create hope, share our stories, fight stigma, make a difference, and heal the world.

 CHECK out some more pictures from the amazing night!

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